Friday, June 14, 2013

Life after graduation.....

  Since Zack's and his friends graduation, we made a quick trip up to Blacksburg Va to see my nephew Nick Ladd be "hooded" which basically means, he is now a Doctor of Osteopath. Zack and Frank opted to stay home, as Frank doesn't travel well for long drives and Zack had multiple parties to go to all weekend. The following weekend, we had decided to throw our own party to celebrate not only Zack, but his friends as well.
 The day was simply gorgeous and we all had a wonderful relaxing time.

Frank cooked hamburgers, hot dogs and freshly caught trout.


     I haven't seen Zack or Frank this relaxed in a year! It did my heart good to see them have such a great time with everyone and thoroughly enjoy the day, laughing, telling jokes and catching up with old friends and family.





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