Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Monthly photo album................

View of the lake

Typical teenager....

Danger, 300 foot dam ahead!!! I didn't dare!!!

Kayaking with Kelly at Cascade Lake, July 26

Fishing (well sitting, while he fished) with Frank

At our little pond, below the house

And... he caught one!!!

Garrett aka"Cookie aka Biscuit and Jelly aka Zack"

Meme, Zack and  Garrett... Biscuit (Cookie)

View of Jekyll Island from St. Simmons light house

Garrett at top of light house

Boys being boys, Zack flipping Garrett

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Meme with "the boys"

Chilling at Jekyll Island Petrified forest

Zack, the poser

Garrett, "I made it!!"

The "thinker" OR "I'm so cool!!!"

Best friends!!!

"Say hello to my little friend!"

Push me Mommy... please......

View from second floor room!! Breathtaking!!

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