Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bedside manner be gone....

After many phone calls for the pathology results, I finally demand for the surgeon to check Zack's leg. It looks swollen and I want to make sure everything is OK. Zack's leg is checked out and the surgeon states the report is not back yet. He has spoken to the pathologist several times, but they want to be 100% sure that they know what this is. I ask if this is good news or bad news. His answer? "Well if it's good new then it is benign, if it's bad then it's cancer" After listening to his double talk for several weeks, I finally lost it and reminded him that the "man" he is talking about is right in front of him and is still only 16 years old!!! I told him that I wasn't going to "hold" him to his statement, we just want to have an idea. He responds with the same attitude "I'm not worried, you can't hold me to anything". I told him he was covering his ass and that didn't cut it with me. I EXPECT  the results on next weeks visit when the stitches come out, and will camp in his office until they are there!

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