Thursday, June 28, 2012

A community and world unite!!!

Zack insisted on going to see the Coach on his own. He wanted to tell him that he would not be able to play. He told him about the diagnosis and chemotherapy. The Coach asked if he would please keep him posted.

The next morning Zack received a text from the Coach. "I have thought about your situation and we have decided that we would still like you to be a part of the team, we will work around your schedule and see what we can do to help you out." 

I cry (just a little) as I see a community come together again, as they had years ago for my dear friends. There is something about living in a small community, when you need them, they are there.

I dare not forget the people from around the world that have shown their love, generosity , support and time.  We are truly blessed!!!!

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  1. You can say that again, phone calls from Mass, Belgium, Asheville, dozens of emails from friends all over the world from Bristol UK to Evergem B. not to mention half of Hendersonville and Asheville. The support is there. Zack is so loved, he always has been! His uncle Bob, the bad influence , tells him to milk it for all he can...he tries but Mom is not buying it...go paint the garage like you were going to....