Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We wake up ready to deal with the surgery and move on. Zack has had to postpone football practice until the Doctor says it's OK to go back. He is a Senior and has decided to play football for the first time and see what it's like. Of course, being 16, his main concern is getting his drivers license on Monday. That's all that's on his mind.... Not even the surgery can sway him from his ultimate goal of getting that license. 

He is more relaxed than I can imagine. We walk into the Hospital and are immediately greeted with more paperwork, but friendly welcoming faces too. We go in the back to prep Zack and he is handed a gown with a hole on the side for an vacuum type hose. What the heck is that??? turns out it is either for heat or air to help make the patient more comfortable. Wish I had thought THAT one up!! The anesthesiologist explains that he may have to put a tube in Zack's throat to keep the medicine, they put an iv in his arm for the . This boy has been blessed with good health his entire life. He was calm, in good humor and trying to make us feel good about everything, Typical Zack, with his warm kind heart and of course sarcasm.

The surgery is 45 minutes long. The surgeon comes out and for the first time since visiting his office, he is smiling. He sits down with us and tells us that Zack did an amazing job, He was able to remove the entire growth. It was amazing as it was not attached to anything as he had previously been concerned about. He said it was totally separate and self contained. There is a large incision, and would require rest for the next two weeks so that it can heal. The growth is sent to the pathologist for review. The surgeon still has no idea what it is, he has never seen anything like this.

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