Monday, July 30, 2012

And we think WE have it rough?

Tomorrow is Zack's first Chemotherapy treatment. As I was anxiously thinking about it at work today, I realized how lucky we are. By now, most of our patients know what is going on. They come in one by one and ask "how is your son?", "we are praying for him and thinking good thoughts", yet it is the ones that stop and share their friends or their own stories where I find comfort.

One lady told me of her friend whom has two children, ages 4 and 6. Both were diagnosed with some form of cancer and both are doing remarkably well after their chemo treatments. Here is a family with TWO children still battling this horrible decease and they are doing well. On the phone a woman tells me that the year will go so fast. She said her husband has just finished his second round of chemo and radiation therapy, AND had brain surgery to remove the tumor. "He is doing great", she tells me. I realize just how lucky we are, the cancer is gone, the treatment is to keep it gone forever, the percentage of success is 85%+ that it will not return.

In the town next to us a boy lies with a brain injury. He was in a four wheeler accident several weeks back and is just now able to ask for a glass of water. My son can get his own, he can drive, swim, play video games and still smart off to us every now and then.

I am not discounting what we are going through or what we are about to go through (really what ZACK is going to go through). What I have learned to do in life, is realize that we may have it tough, but someone out there always has it better and someone has it worse than "us". "We" may just be the ones that have it better when compared by someone else.

This post is short, but filled with confidence that "our" first day will be a breeze. Until tomorrow. Be Well!

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