Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independance Day!

We wake up to a beautiful day. The sun is shining directly into our room and though it is already hot outside, it feels good to feel the sea air and listen to the calmness of the waves. Mom is already out ( at 7 am ) walking her precious little bundle of energy (Bijou). The boys are asleep all over the room (with legs and arms proving a tripping hazard if not careful ). I look around and feel so blessed. Here we are in a nice room at the beach and a chance to have some fun and create more memories.

I wake up thinking about what all has happened in the past three weeks. It hit me late last night, and luckily the boys were out girl chasing (NOT... or ???? YIKES). I lost it, Mom is there to remind me it's okay to loose it and let it go. It's not good to hold it in.

I am reminded of her Journey with Dad, the broken ankle, the kidney cancer she so calmly handled and then 10 days later a broken back. At 80 years old this woman is the toughest woman I know ( I used to think it was my grandmother, but Meme.... you lead a charmed life compared to your daughter I hope you are up there singing her praises). I realize how I "knew" what she was going through and yet didn't have a clue! How could I? It's easy to be supportive, to be there, but the phrase "until you walk in a mans shoes" is so true. I think of my best friends Nancy and Steve. I was there with them when their daughter had her car accident, I have been there all along, to Love, Support, Encourage and yes even get angry at the circumstances life can throw as a result of the accident... But I didn't have a clue, not really. I have a new empathy that was never there before. If this is the one thing that I needed to learn from this, then it will make me a better person. I now look at people with different eyes. What are they going through, are they mean because they are in pain? are they sad because of life's pain? Are the smiling because they survived a tough time and are rejoicing? THAT will be us again. Every time we make it though another stumble, we are laughing with our friends and loved ones. We are blessed because we make it through another day and hope that we have learned along the way,

I am ready to go out there, get a tan (safely of course SPF 70) and play in the ocean with my entourage. I wish you all an amazing day, full of fireworks and fun.

Love and Peace!!

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  1. Brie, I think I may fall off that pedestal at least 10 times a day.....I love you for thinking this but it is all an illusion , I am not that though and right now I am not sure how to write it Americans ...would it not be simple to write "tuff". Ha Ha