Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to reality...

We had a wonderful relaxing vacation at Jekyll Island, Ga. For a few days we could "forget" what has happened in the past three weeks. Zack's leg is healing beautifully and his energy is back. He was spending a lot of time sleeping, but I know that was more fear based than anything. This kid is healthy. He works with Frank lifting a ton of rocks, rides his bike, swims, does pretty much the "norm" for a typical 16 year old.

I have wanted to hide, stay in bed and hide under the covers until someone told me it was a crappy dream. But we can't, we have to be tough, why do you think my nickname is warrior? It is a name I chose for myself years ago without really thinking about the reasoning behind it. It seemed to suit me, my life and my resolve in what I was here to learn this time around. So I am resolute in not allowing fear to take over. I am done with fear. Thankfully I have been learning how to handle fear and know the difference between my inner voice and fear. I see a wonderful Physiotherapist / acupuncturist. What a blessing he is to be in our lives. He has taught me how to handle what is thrown my way and be grateful for the experience I am being taught. To look at it as part of life's journey. Pain as well as Peace are a part of life and can, if we allow it to, make us better people.

I already see even more compassion in Zack and he is a pretty caring kid already. We just returned from vacation and he discovered while we were gone one of his very good friends was involved in a bike accident. A truck (driven by another friend) struck the front of the bike as it was sticking out in the road, and he was thrown, no helmet. Broken shoulder, head gash and jaw now wired shut, He is looking at months of rehabilitation and facial reconstruction. The first thing Zack did when he found out was go and visit, call me and ask what we can do to help him. He isn't thinking about what he is going to go through, he is more concerned for his friend.

We have the PET scan this Friday and I re-scheduled the Oncologist ( Protocol ) visit for next week Tuesday. It didn't make sense to meet with the team until after we have all of the tests completed. I will of course keep everyone posted as we get information. Thank you so much for all your sweet messages, calls and emails. We feel so loved and always have!!! We have one hell of a support team!!!

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