Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bikers of the world unite!!! with UPDATES!!!

The butterfly is for chemo patients,
This is one Sign I will not miss seeing!!
Sunday started out with a nice breakfast in the Hospital Cafeteria with Rhonda.  Well, the company was nice, the food was okay.  Zack was again sleeping in and I didn't want to disturb him. He had a decent night, with the help of Benadryl, which makes him go into a deep sleep. Each day he has been more and more nauseous. He has been playing his game most of the time and when not playing he sleeps. 

I noticed this time he really liked the room to be quiet. When I would have to make a call I would go out into the hall, so as not to disturb him. It also forced me to sit, relax and not do a whole lot. This is not something I am used to, but enjoyed the "time off" from the rest of the world. Zack has been in a good mood considering everything and every now and then would look at me and raise one eyebrow, then the other (his version of  a funny face). 

The chemo treatments are again being moved up two hours each day, so that we can get home early evening on Tuesday. Several of the nursing staff have stopped by the room to say how much they will miss seeing us, but are glad the treatments will be over for him. I want to do something special for each of them, but haven't come up with anything yet. I'm brainstorming and maybe will come up with something before we leave on Tuesday. Lord knows, I don't want to have to go back up there unless absolutely necessary. I did find out that, God forbid, should we ever need to go back in after Zack is 18, since he started in peds, he would go back there again. They don't like to let go of their kids either, just like the Cancer Center. I hope and pray this never happens again, but it's nice to know we have some options, other than throwing him in with the adults right away. Yes, these are things a mother thinks about. 

We had Amy, her son Barron and Bill come by for a visit. It's always good to have a visitor, it breaks the monotony and they are so fun to talk to, we all three like sharing our teenager stories, though I'm not sure why Bill keeps wanting to trade his kids with mine... (smile). We are all three blessed to have the kids we do, they are all great and your typical "try and push the limits" kids. Bill took the tickets I had in my purse for the fundraiser and promised they would all be gone. He is going to a meeting with his Biker group (The Defenders) tomorrow and told them whether they go or not, they are buying a ticket!! I think he said there was a big biker tour that day. Too funny!!! If Bill tole ME to buy a ticket I would!!

Since Frank was arriving around 6 pm, I went ahead and took a short nap. Knowing I would be doing a few things around the house when I got back tonight, I wanted to grab a few minutes. Frank came right at 6 pm, dinner, guitar and chips in hand. I tuned Zack's guitar and with a great big hug and kiss to the guys, told Zack I would be back to bug him tomorrow and bring him home Tuesday. He was half asleep until Frank walked in, so I'm sure he was in bed pretty soon after. I showed Frank the new sleeping arrangements and was out the door. 

Nice, easy short day. Two more to go and we say good bye to the Hospital (at least for overnights!!) Yeah!!!

Update!!! It is now Monday night and Bill met with The Defenders. This is his exact message to me: "You gave me 7 tickets, I sold 14, I have 5 now in my possession to sell, you do the math."  Thank you so a group of awesome guys and gals, who not only "enjoy the ride" but do so much for others in the name of their group!!! You guys are awesome!!!! Stay safe on the roads and to those non bikers, please keep an eye out for them!!!!

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