Sunday, April 28, 2013

Two more to go......

What a week this has been. I have found myself trying to play "catch up" with the normal things, laundry, bills, phone calls, as well as fit some fun in between. Today just happens to be my Birthday. I am 53 years young and all of the wonderful wishes I received from friends and family near and far, again remind me of how much I am loved. 

This week started out with us attempting to live the "normal" life. Work has been great. The weather was perfect for Frank to get in an entire week, cleaning, repairing and re-designing water features. Zack went to the Cancer Center on Monday for lab work. His counts were too low for him to begin the next chemo treatment on Tuesday, but luckily not enough to warrant transfusions. They wanted to schedule the chemotherapy for Thursday and Neulasta for Friday, but I didn't want to miss work and since it was okay to wait a couple of days he is scheduled for this coming Tuesday (April 30th). This will be the next to last treatment and will last all day. This is also the one that takes his hair away, so after this whatever grows back, he will keep!!! This is the one thing he has missed.... his hair! I am scheduled to donate platelets again as they called and are very low. Zack usually has something to help him sleep during these all day treatments, so he won't even miss me. After my appointment, Louis and Celia  (friends / family for over forty years) and I are meeting for lunch. I haven't seen them in quite awhile, so it will be nice to spend a little time with them. 

Zack was feeling well enough this week to work with Frank Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday. It was so good to see him get out, get fresh air and some sun (though he must use heavy duty sunscreen, his skin is fragile due to the chemo). Frank was even surprised at how long Zack lasted at the job sites, the first and second days, they worked all day together and the third  day he worked half with Frank and the second half with a friend on his new job. His mood has been great and he has been thoroughly enjoying his week. In the evenings he spends time with his friends either at their house, here or playing pool at the bowling alley. Several of his friends went to Senior prom Friday night and a part of me was sad that he wasn't able to go, but then I am reminded how he has never liked to go to dances and I quickly laugh. The "pressures" of being a teenager, to conform, I guess MY High School issues came back to haunt me, I'm relieved that he doesn't put the same pressures on himself. He does what he wants and doesn't care what others think. He is way ahead of the game and I learn from him daily. 

Since it has been so long since Nancy and I have had one on one time, we spent most of Tuesday together , just being two "girls". It was the first time in quite a while that there weren't any appointments so she and I took full advantage. Nancy and I went out for a nice Thai lunch (she treated me early for my Birthday) and continued the rest of the day with stores around the area. We had a great such a great time together. 

Wednesday and Thursday were full work days for me. It was a nice, easy couple of days and it was so nice to report back to everyone at how great the fundraiser was. Each time I shared, I had a huge smile on my face. What a celebration it was!

Friday, Zack had labs scheduled. This time his counts were good, so we are going to proceed with the chemo next week. We ran to get my hair cut as I couldn't stand it any longer and met Rhonda for lunch. Again, another surprise, as she bought lunch for us both to celebrate my Birthday! We had fun catching up for about an hour and half and were on our way home. I had already decided to go and spend the rest of the day and night at Mom and Bobs house. Bad weather was coming in and I wanted to get Mom's water feature cleaned out for the Spring. Zack was planning on coming and helping, but he was set to help Frank install a statue he made and I didn't want him wearing himself out. It took me a couple of hours and the water feature was crystal clear!

As Mom, Bob and I head back into the house, he decides to order Sushi for Mom and I to pick up and we have yet another celebration for my Birthday. (I told you I am spoiled!!!) We settle in for the night and watch an old Mel Brooks movie (Blazing Saddles). As we watch, I can't help but think how totally politically INcorrect this movie was, but back in the time, that was the humor everyone loved. I almost felt guilty at times laughing at certain parts, but what can I say, Mel was a genius and we all needed a good funny movie filled with laughter!

Saturday, Zack was spending with his friends, Frank was fishing ,so Mom and I headed out to some shops, just to get out. It was pouring rain and not the best day for shopping, but I didn't want my time with Mom to end yet. We haven't had much quality time so we were going to make the best of it!! She took me out to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant (can't get enough of my Chicken Pad Thai) as an early Birthday present... (more spoiling.. geez) We didn't realize what time it was until we felt hunger and exhaustion, it was 5:30 and we had been running around all day! We went for a Belgian break and headed back home. Once I dropped her off and stopped to pick some dinner up for Frank, I arrived home in time for Zack and I to watch a movie together. Frank glanced over every now and then, but was totally engrossed in a new novel he had picked up at the library. Once he starts on a book, you have to cover it with your hand and stand right in front of him to get his attention! He LOVES his books!!! Of course, we could say the same about my shows.... but we won't!! (smile)

Sunday, today, I wake up around 7am and decide it is way too early to get up on my Birthday! I'm not sure what THAT has to do with, but what the heck... I'll indulge myself! I finally get out of bed around 10 am. The house is a mess, laundry, dishes piled up, dirty floors and reality is back to bite me in the butt! Zack is half asleep, but the first thing out of his mouth is Happy Birthday Mom!! Frank is gone, but I know where he is... his annual "surprise" is to go to Lowes and pick me out a bunch of flowers to put in my flower boxes along the back of the house. As I finish up on the dishes (not in the best of moods about it) he walks in with frozen waffles and syrup. He tells me to STOP everything!! He and Zack are going to do it all, they just didn't want to wake me up! I realize right then and there that I could spend the rest of my day mad, or I could lighten up and realize just how lucky I am!! 

The rest of the day was wonderful! We all had our frozen (hey they were good!!) waffles, talked about the rain, which will be with us until Wednesday and I started in on all the Thank You notes for the fundraiser. As I read out the long list of people and business' that helped Frank is amazed. He really didn't have a lot to do with any of it and I wanted to make sure he knew just who and how many people stepped in to contribute. He looked at me and said "I had no idea how many people helped!! how nice is that!" I had to agree!! Once finished addressing all the notes and stamping them, I started in on the invitation to Zack's graduation. WOW with everything he has been through, now graduation, another celebration! They have set the date for Friday, May 31st at 6 pm. A friend of mine emailed me yesterday and said the gowns are to be delivered to the High School tomorrow. My plan is to go and pick up his gown, take his picture and include it with most of the invitations. Of course, as soon as I have one, I will post it here for the world to see!!! Every young man and woman crossing that stage has a reason to celebrate. I am so proud of each and every one of them.  Knowing what Zack has been through and how much he has grown and helped those around him grow, will make this day even more special and memorable to us all. 

The best Birthday gift I have received is Zack out there with his friends, having fun and being himself! Life is pretty damn good right now!!

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