Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How do you say Thank You?

How can two simple words be so hard? According to Hallmark there are millions of ways to say Thank you. But can you really say it enough when it comes to the care of your child?

With this being the last hospital stay, I have spent many days pondering on how to Thank the amazing nurses for being such great care givers of our son.

Because of their unselfish care, my son continues to be Cancer free. Because they give 200%,  Frank and I have been able to continue with our work, KNOWING he is in the best possible hands. 

When you go through a "tragedy" like this, you become close to those caring for you or your loved one. You get to know their families, their ups and downs, they become family. You can't help but connect with them in a special way. These nurses are the ones that devote their entire 10 hour shift caring for and ensuring the safety and comfort of their patients. In this case, my child, my only child, my most precious gift from God. Add to that, your care!! There hasn't been a time that I'm not asked if they can help me with, or get me anything. They have been my listening board for my fears, advised me on how to cope through certain feelings, situations and they have been spot on!

I haven't "allowed" myself much time to really think about this past now, ten months. You are so busy making it through each day and surviving the next treatment or the next blood transfusion (or pneumonia).  You don't really take the time (or have the time) to stop and reflect. This week, I have forced myself to remember and give thanks. Without the nurses giving such care and connecting with Zack, this could have been a totally different experience. Pediatric nurses are a special breed. Add to that Pediatric oncology nurses. They put themselves at risk by administering the chemicals to their patients. So much care must go into administering just the right amount, at the right time, in the right order. All of this must be with extreme caution for both patient and nurse. For a cancer patient, it means survival, for a nurse should they spray or spill on themselves it is toxic, yet they take this risk every day for so many. 

I would name each awesome nurse by name, but just as the Oscar winners, would fear of leaving someone out, not because I don't remember them, but because so many have been here for us. They are a team and one by one as they have stopped in this week to congratulate Zack and share their experiences of caring for us, I realize what a large family we have here. 

So, to all our astonishing, astounding, remarkable, wonderful, incredible, marvelous, miraculous nursing family. We give THANKS!!!!!

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