Saturday, December 1, 2012

Living a dogs life... today....

Frank woke early this morning to go into work. The project he is working on must be done on the weekends. He is making repairs to an inside water feature at Gaia Herbs. I sleep in as I had a rough night of coughing. I'm feeling better, but now with the "dry" cough the head starts hurting. I know in a couple of days I will be over this. Zack wakes up with me rustling around in the kitchen. His spirits are good, but he is having a hard time walking. His leg hurt him all night from the blisters. He told me that at some point last night, they had ruptured and it took him awhile to stop the bleeding. I wish he had called us, but he is so independent . He told me he knew he could take care of it and he saw no reason to wake us.

Zack lays on the couch and we both decide to rest today. Of course my version of rest consists of doing dishes, laundry and vacuuming  Though the latter never happened. I took Sidi in for his haircut and after running to the store for some staples and grabbing lunch was promptly back home. Zack and I watch a movie and right in the middle the phone rings, Sidi is ready to be picked up. Though it is only five minutes away I know the traffic is going to be crazy because the parade is coming through town. I seem to have forgotten that the parade also ended right where I had to go for the pick up. Luckily a policeman was there and motioned me to go through to my destination. As I turn left into the parking lot, a rather aggressive woman driving an SUV is pulling out and we are nose to nose. I am already out of the road and into the parking lot so there is no where for me to go. She refuses to move, so I simply motion which direction I am headed in as she does the same. I sit back with my hands on the wheel as if to say "I'm not moving, I can't!", She looks at me in anger and finally backs up, then follows me and parks right across from me. It all worked out perfectly because she was able to find a spot due to my persistence. Remember my new quote is "I'm not passive aggressive, I'm aggressive, aggressive. "  I pick up Sidi and am back watching the movie with Zack and relaxing again. At some point I had received a call from Linda. Big John did very well last night. She tells me if he continues like this it will all be okay, but we both know this is again the "honeymoon" stage where he does what he is supposed to do and then a couple of weeks later, he is back to his "old" self. I can only hope and pray that he stays the course and makes it easier on everyone involved. For now, it is good news. 

We watched about five movies, one right after the other. Frank returned home from work and after we had the delicious left overs of soup,  Zack decided to shower so we could check his leg. It was so hard listening to him, he was crying from the pain. When he came out, we looked at the area where the blisters had burst and though it looked very good (not infected or red), he was in so much pain, tears were running down his face. At 5' 9", Frank was standing on his toes trying to hug him and about in tears himself.  I held a light so that Frank could see exactly where to place the burn cream and then apply gauze to keep the area protected. Since next week is our Hospital week, I prepared Zack for the fact that they will continue to bandage him, (they will not allow him to do it for himself ) so he needs to make sure he wears his shorts. By doing so it would also keep the area loose from clothing irritating the skin. We always have to think two steps ahead. What to bring, how is he feeling, what will he want to drink, what will he want to wear, eat. What scent will be best for him in the even of nausea. Of course that is still a couple of days away, but It's already on our minds. 

Once a "chic flick", Sabrina... comes on the TV, I am banished to the bedroom by the guys. Of course, still having laundry to fold and ready to lay in bed and finish watching my movie I am happy to oblige. I wouldn't want to torture the guys, that's for sure. 

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