Monday, March 25, 2013

Calling all Scouts!!!!!

Zack was going to go with his Uncle Floyd this morning to Sapphire. The purpose was to help a lady move her furniture onto a U-haul and Jamey (sister in law) would get the woman's washer and dryer in exchange. He was actually excited about going, that was until this morning. When I woke him up he was still tired, but determined to get up and get dress for his 9 am meeting place. Around 8:30 I called to make sure he was up and ready to go. He was up, but definitely not ready to go anywhere. He was feeling more nauseous than yesterday and wasn't going to be able to go. He had called his Uncle feeling terrible, he has done so much for Zack, and Zack didn't want to let him down. Thanks to great communication, Zack KNEW that if he didn't feel up to it, that was OKAY!!!

He spent the rest of the day sleeping and resting in his room. His appetite is still way off (he didn't even want cake or ice cream at the party yesterday!). Concerned I called the Cancer Center and they want him to come in early tomorrow, just in case he needs blood or fluids. He is supposed to have his next chemo treatment, but only if he is able physically. We were originally scheduled for 1 pm and now the time is set for 9:30 am. This will allow them time to do labs and have plenty of time to determine what, if anything he needs. Zack wasn't thrilled when I told him, but understands that I ,as a parent, have to do what's right for him. I simply explained that if we are there early and they don't need to do anything, then we are done that much sooner. He liked that idea!

I took my lunch break (which at times can be two hours!), went to one of my favorite restaurants and brought a bunch of flyers with me. That was another thing Zack wanted to do today, but I was up for the task at hand and frankly, knew it would be fun! I started with the restaurant where I had lunch. The server there, who is a sweetheart, asked about Zack and then proceeded to tell me about her Uncle who had Ewings in his heel when he was 24 yrs old. She then proceeded to tell me how his leg was amputated and ten years later his lung collapsed and it was cancer. He died several months later. "Well thank you for sharing" is all I could think!! I hear stories, mostly bad ones. But choose to remember the positives, especially Zack's situation, which I keep repeating to myself. "He has no cancer, it was in the soft tissue, he is healthy and young, prognosis is 80% no more cancer." It has become my mantra when I hear these stories. "Zack is healthy, happy and cancer free." I don't care how many times I have to say it, I must not remember the bad! Once I finish lunch, I start walking up the block and stop in every store, most will take the poster and gladly hang it up. Some ask questions, others simply say "we will be glad to." Some know me or know Zack from being in their store and talk kindly about how nice he is. It only takes me a little over an hour to go to every store, agency and restaurant on both sides of Main Street. The more I get posted, they higher my bounce. I am excited! I am grateful! Our little town, where we moved back when I was 14 (from Spain, culture shock) is still small enough that people know and care about each other. I return to the office with only 13 posters left in time to open our doors for the afternoon shift.

I call and see how Zack is feeling. He is starting to feel a little bit better, but is not up to going to Scouts tonight. His plan was to go and ask for his former Scout mates to come and help set up and break down at the fundraiser. I offered to go in his place and can tell that he is relieved. I'm feeling better about this anyway, as I don't really want him around that many people until we know what his counts are.

Once work is done around 6:30pm I head over to the church where Troop 701 meets. I have immediate anxiety. This place has brought me many good and many bad memories. Yet, I am so excited to see many of the people I served on the Committee with. There were holding a meeting and I had to go there for permission to ask the Scouts for help. Not knowing how long I needed to stay, I simply made myself comfortable and settled in for the long haul, which as it turned out was two hours. I spoke to all the young men, remembering so many of them when they were younger and started Scouts with Zack. I explain what has been going on and ask if anyone is interested in helping set up and break down at the fundraiser. Immediately about ten eager hands go up. I had found out that this was a big weekend for most and some are choosing to stay and help instead of go on their trip. I tell them I will be in corner when they are done with their meeting to take name and numbers. While sitting there one of my fellow committee members, from back in the day (when I served) came and asked what has been going on. She saw the poster of Zack and said "he looks sick?, what's this about?" I didn't realize, she didn't know about the cancer. I spent quite a while filling in the time slots, showing pictures and explaining that we are near the end of our journey. Here in such a small community and in Scouts, one of the major "players" didn't even know! I found that so weird, but then again, I have been so busy with my families life, that I didn't know what was going on outside of our circle either. It's very easy to do! When the meeting was done, I had ten eager young men, some that have grown up with Zack others who have never met him, ask to help. Our friend Joe D. said for me to take all the names as there might be a chance some of them can't make it, so one by one I meet and greet these kind boys, thanking them for their offers. I leave with a sense of pride that we were once part of the troop. (Zack had chosen to leave just before his diagnosis, which as it turns out, was the best possible solution as he never would have been able to continue).

I arrive home around 9 pm and Frank has a wonderful dinner waiting for me. Zack is in his room playing his video games and is quite pale. I will be surprised if we don't get blood tomorrow instead of chemo. I had noticed earlier that Frank had called while I was in the meeting. Communication skills be damned in my house, Zack forgot to tell him where I was. Will it ever change? Probably not! We three get a good laugh as I eat my dinner. Exhausted, I crawl into bed, write today's blog and smile at all that was accomplished today. 

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