Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Mom, let's get this done!"

Sunday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was 74 degrees. I couldn't wait to pull all of the plastic off of the windows (extra protection during the winter), open them all and let the sunlight shine. Frank went fishing with Matt. Zack, who had spent the night at Drake's house came home off and on during the day. His emotions were all over the place. He was happy one minute and frustrated with his friends the next. He was scheduled to go to a friends Birthday party and at the last minute didn't want to go. He explained that he was worried that he would feel out of place. He isn't that comfortable with large groups of people and I couldn't help but think it was easier for him not to deal with it. I explained that his friend would really want him to be there, so at least go and make an appearance. He returned later that evening after being there for several hours and had a great time. He casually mentions that he is glad I encouraged him to go. 

I had spent the day doing laundry, cleaning around the house and "purging" some things that I have had for a long time and ready to pass on via donations to our local thrift store. I worked a little bit outside as well, it was so beautiful I felt I needed to take advantage of the weather. Rearranging anything that isn't nailed down (and at times even those that are) is my form of therapy. I set up the fire pit on the patio and move the table into another area. All of a sudden, half way through the clean up my chest starts to feel like someone is standing on it. It's time to quit and rest. I don't want a relapse of the past couple of weeks. It's so easy for me to tell Zack what to do and not do in order to keep him from having a relapse of pneumonia, but I have yet to listen to my own advise. This time I will listen and rest the balance of the day.

Frank and Zack return home around the same time. Both had a good day with their respective friends and hobbies and were ready to stay home and settle in for the afternoon. Zack has Donald with him and they are later joined by Trenton as they all play video games. Frank and I relax on the couch and watched some our our favorite shows. I'm so glad I took it easy in the afternoon and evening, as I already started to feel better.

Monday was spent working. What a contrast in the weather, the wind was strong, raining and it was again cold. Yuck!!! Zack stayed at home with Donald and did a few chores. He is tired and again had a headache, (we are never sure if it is from low blood count or dehydration). Zack and Mom both have appointments in Asheville tomorrow, so I send him to pick up Mom in Hendersonville after work. They came by the office and the three of us (Frank doesn't like Chinese food) go out to eat. Since we had an early morning Tuesday, we all settled in for an early night.

It is now Tuesday morning and we are all awake at 6:30 am. This is my usual time to wake up, but for Mom and Zack, not so much. We arrived at the Cancer Center first for Zacks appointment. They access his port and take his blood for labs. He immediately starts on IV fluids in preparation for today's chemotherapy. Around thirty minutes later the Doctor comes in and says his counts are not high enough (his immune system is too low for them to safely administer the chemo). We schedule for Thursday, hoping that his counts will be up enough by then. If not, then it will be next week Tuesday. Since they must still do a couple more things for him, I take Mom to her appointment knowing that he will be done just as we are finishing up with Mom. Luckily, the tests show that everything looks good for Mom. Her Doctor orders a set of chest x-rays and explains that "if" the cancer were to return, it is usually in the lungs.  He is not concerned about Mom, as she has never been a smoker, which can increase the risk. We were told the same about Zack, the first area they look is the lungs and then other major organs, if it were to return. BUT, we are not going to "go there!".

We pick up Zack at the Cancer Center and head to Asheville Radiology for Moms x-rays. It doesn't take long and we are again on the road. Rhonda had stopped by the Cancer Center earlier and we all agreed to meet for lunch when all the appointments were finished. While at lunch Zack gets a call from Leah who is in town with her baby. She needs a ride back to Brevard, so we tell her to come on and she can ride with us. All of a sudden we have a full table and full car! As with any 19 year old there was a bit of drama and since I have no problems giving my opinion AND she was trapped in my car, I gave my opinion ALL the way home!!! She may never want a ride from my again, but maybe some of what I shared will sink in. She is a sweetheart, but is headed in all the wrong directions with her life. Both her parents and I have tried to get through to her about her choices and as with most teenagers "she knows best." I shared that she has so many choices in life and her path is up to her. I can only keep on her and pray for the best. I am a firm believer in "it takes a village to raise a child" and she is a large part of our village, as are all of Zack's friends.

As we head towards Hendersonville to get Mom some groceries, she is all of a sudden tired from the day and asks to go home. I totally understand, feel a bit bad because of the "extra" unexpected company, but know that Rhonda is able to take her shopping on Friday. Mom promises that she has everything she needs until then, so we bring her home and return back to Brevard, dropping Leah off at her Dads house. We visit a little while with Bill and Drake and return home. The days events now have hit me and I'm ready to sit and chill for the rest of the evening.

Zack was invited to dinner at Bills house, so Frank and I have a nice quiet quick dinner I prepared (yup I actually cooked!). Zack returns home with Drake and Donald for the evening and some video gaming. He discusses his treatment with Frank, who will be taking him on Thursday and explains that he could have had it next week, but told them to "get it done!" We somehow managed to fill everything into one day and I'm actually looking forward to the next couple of days at work. 

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