Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Say What???

The day started early, 5 am to be exact. Not because we had a 9:30 am appointment at the Cancer Center, but because our cat Anubus decided it was a full moon or something (a few days early). She was jumping all over the house and every time I would get up to let her out, she would attack my feet and then run under the couch and hide. I would go back to bed, only to be awakened by her jumping on my dresser and attempting to knock down my collection of boxes. This went on for another hour before Frank finally got up and picked her up (she is Daddy's girl) to put her outside. Needless to say, I never managed to fall back asleep, so I just laid in bed until Zack came in to tell me it was time to get ready. 

We had our appointment earlier in case he needed blood, platelets or IV fluids. With him being so nauseous this past week I was worried he might need something to help him feel better, so we bumped up his appointment time. As we pull into the parking deck, we see the young lady from our town and her mother. She is there for first time possible blood and platelets and is nervous. I let her know and Zack confirms how much better she will feel afterwards. Her mother and I exchange hugs and she tells me how awesome I am. Sweet, but not sure where she is getting that from, we are both in the same situation!! I am no more awesome than she, and I remind her of that!  

Zack had his labs drawn, THAT'S when we were told that he was not going to get his chemo treatment today, "Say what?" was all Zack could say. Since his chemo was late last week, they must wait to give it to him at the end of this week. Which also means that the Hospital stay will be later in the week, as opposed to Tuesday. He wasn't all that happy, as previously stated, he is VERY anxious to get this over with. They must follow a strict protocol, one which has his best interest at hand, so I just tell him to "deal with it!" I remind him that it's okay to be angry with me, but one day he will understand. He looks at me and says "blah blah blah...", he, I and the nurse all laugh. I also let him know that he was born for me to irritate and I plan on doing the best possible job I can. He tells me I'm doing a great job!! (smile) We are advised that his counts are good and he won't need anything further today. they schedule us for 11 am on Friday for the next chemo (Vincristine). 

As we exit the building I stop by and give a good bye hug to my new little friend and her mother. We are both going to be in the hospital the same time next week, so we promise to look out for each other. Rhonda is meeting Mom for lunch today, so I ask Zack if he is up to meeting with them and surprising Mom. He is totally up to it, so we call Rhonda and arrange a meeting place. Within forty minutes we are sitting at a table with our backs to the door when Mom and Rhonda walk in. Mom has her back to us as she is trying to figure out where they are being seated, she turns around and "SURPRISE!" there we are! It was so nice to have a couple of hours to visit. One of these days soon, I'll have some special one on one time with Mom, where I'm not tired, or running off somewhere, but for now, this will have to do. Zack and I were acting up the whole time, being silly and just enjoying our time out with "the girls." Rhonda and Zack decide to split a dessert and with the cut of a knife the handle goes flying into the air having broken!! The pie was frozen solid and Rhonda, who turns beet red can't stop laughing. This is the stuff that memories are made of! Rhonda had an appointment she was running to, so we drop Mom off at home.

On the way home, we stop at several business' to hang up flyers. I have 12 left and am determined not to have any left by the time we are home. Nancy ordered 30 more as there are still several places we have yet to reach. Zack wants to put out the rest before his next treatment and has a couple of friends that have offered to help. Once we are home, I sit on the couch and before you know it, I'm sound asleep. My early morning has caught up with me! When I awaken, Zack is in his room relaxing, smiling because he is feeling better and we now have a plan for the next two weeks, (at least a plan we hope will stay as is). Frank is out walking the dog, so I clean up the kitchen and order a pizza and yes, hot wings for Zack. 

I return some calls from the day. One of them in particular is from the Red Cross. Back a couple of months ago when I donated blood, I had shown interest in donating platelets. The young lady was trying to get a few words in and I was so excited that they were ready for me (they are very busy, but still need more donors) that I gave HER the date! I set up an appointment for the Saturday when Zack is in the Hospital. I know he will be sleeping quite a bit and if a couple of hours helps out someone that needs platelets I am more than willing. I plan on making it my mission to help get the awareness out there of the need. I was still on the phone with the Red Cross, when a young woman came with the pizza. I said "I'm making an appointment to donate platelets, have you ever done that?, she replies "I've donated blood, I'm O+ and they LOVE ME!!, but I haven't done it in awhile." I look at her and say "well time to donate again, I then explain about Zack and the other children and adults in our town that are in need." She got all excited and said "Thank you for reminding me, I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow!!!" The woman on the phone was laughing and saying "Man, you're good at this!!, we can use people like you!" I told her not to worry, I plan on doing my part in educating the community. We wrap up the schedule and I continue cleaning the kitchen. 

The pizza arrives and after eating dinner, we sit and again continue with our favorite television shows. The day was long, but sweet and more memories were created, which is always awesome! 

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