Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day three of five.....

It is Wednesday morning and I awake to snow on the roof! It is light, but continues to fall and is a beautiful sight! Luckily I had back up at the office in the event either it snowed (true) or didn't feel better (unfortunately truer). Zack and I had a little better nights sleep, but the coughing for me continues and his monitor just wouldn't stop beeping all night with " air in line". This is not uncommon, but still just as frustrating, especially in the middle of the night. Zack's has the patience of a Saint during the day, but at night, when trying to sleep... not so much and who would.

I am blessed that Jessica offered to work for me all day. She and the Docs have made it possible for me to stay with Zack and now, even though he is no longer sick with pneumonia, take the day to try and get over whatever the heck it is I have. I feel better, the cough has subsided quite a bit and no matter what, tomorrow, I will be back at work. I simply can't take that much time off without things falling behind. I take full advantage of the time "off" and make phone calls to continue in my efforts to work out payment arrangements with the Hospital and Cancer Center. Being someone that does most of my stuff online, I set up monthly payments so I just have to click one button and it's done. In order to stay on top of things, I need to make things as easy as possible. One event, which I continue to work on rectifying (or allowing THEM to rectify) happened yesterday. I contacted Wells Fargo Dealer Services about my car payment. I was a couple of months behind and with only six more left contacted them to make arrangements. When explaining that sometimes food and gas must take priority, and explain our current situation the woman says "Well I guess you want to make sure you have a car so you can go and see your son, don't you?". She further goes on to ask "which Hospital is he in?" Outraged, I tell her that it is none of her damn business where he is, "what is she going to do send a tow truck while I'm in his room?"  " I only owe six more payments, obviously I pay my debt!!!" I have since been able to make a payment, but have reported her behavior via Wells Fargo FB page and was contacted for more information so they can see how they can "help". I have worked with debt collectors off and on  in my life (hopefully not too many people have had to experience this), having said that, I have NEVER been more insulted than with this woman. I can assure you, this will not end here tonight.

Off and on during the day, Zack and I switch from who wears the headphones, while watching our favorite shows. The nurses tease us, one minute they hear the "ticking of the 24 clock" from my show and the theme song to "Cleveland Show." Bryan tells me about certain ringtones I can download. It only takes me a few seconds and well, lets just say I now have pretty cool ringtones on my phone all for free!!!! Zack of course, looks at me like I'm a nut case!  At some point during the day (the hours all start to meld into one). The young girl's, brother comes by with his friend to say Hi to Zack, he has just been visiting his sister down the hall for a couple of hours and you can tell is eager to get back home. He hands Zack a package of puddings, kind of cute actually, shakes my hand as I introduce myself and is out the door. I ran down the hall to say thank you and she is watching a movie, she has a big smile on her face as her mother is sleeping soundly on the couch. This is an all too familiar scene and I can only hope that their journey is not as long, and is full of the love and support that we have been blessed with.

We are on day three out of five. Zack is counting the hours and who can blame him, he hasn't even left the room except to go down the hall to fix his hot wings. The Doctors have pushed up his chemo by an hour each day so that we could be out by early afternoon on Friday. For now, Frank is on his way. The snow has melted and it is safe for me to go home, rest and tomorrow head into work. I return tomorrow night and will be bringing Zack home. 

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