Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

I am a few days behind in my blogging, so I will begin with Friday, which started out at the Cancer Center. Drake, who is now on Spring break, had spent the night with us and tagged along for the rest of the day. Friday was to be chemotherapy , one of the nurses seemed confused when Zack "reminded" her. With us being off schedule by four days, I guess they are all thrown off. But Zack is still right on target, he KNOWS when and which treatments he is to have next. He had his labs drawn and everything comes back with high counts. They ordered the chemo and within three hours we are out the door. Luckily this chemo doesn't make him too ill, so he will be able to enjoy the rest of his weekend. Actually, this hospital stay will start on Friday of next week, so he will have the week to work with Frank (if he feels up to it) and hang out with his friends. The nice thing about going in at the end of the week? I won't miss any work and it fits in with my platelets donation on Saturday and after I'm done I will be able to go back to the Hospital and rest. Zack is not necessarily excited about going into the Hospital, but he is excited this will be his last time as in patient (we will have to return as outpatients in a couple of months to remove the port access). Drake was still hanging out with us so we all ate a nice dinner and sat down to watch "The Hobbit" on TV. We haven't watched a movie together in awhile, so it was nice to just sit together and enjoy some time together as a family. Sometime in the middle of the movie Drake's girlfriend called and wanted to see him, so we know where he went. But it was nice, just the same. 

Saturday was spent resting. Zack was tired so he slept in and chilled. After fully waking up he ran several errands for us, grabbed lunch and when he returned hit his chores full throttle. He had to clean his room, the front porch and some other odds and ends Frank has listed for him. He has been really good about taking care of his chores and is really excited about working next week, so he can have some spending money. I was "supposed" to do the bookkeeping, but just kept sitting on the couch, only to get up to put another load of laundry in the washer, then one in the dryer, then back to the couch. Frank had gone fishing and left a note, "DO NOT USE HOT WATER!!!" Great!!! TODAY he decides to turn it off!! Well can't blame him. The water heater has been slowly leaking for over a week now and we had to special order one since we live in a double wide. Everything is special order for these homes. He was worried the bottom would drop out and the house would be flooded. It was very interesting to wash an entire dishwasher full in a sink half full of water. Spoiled? you bet I am, but an immediate change in attitude, turned frustration into "camping  mode". I managed to clean the entire kitchen with very little water, something that can't do any harm to remember in the future to help conserve. All of Zack's friends were all busy with one thing or another, so he gets in touch with someone he hasn't seen in awhile and they go to the bowling alley to play pool. Returning around 9 pm, is Zack, "Biscuit" and Drake, they are all smiles and played video games until around 10:30 when Zack drives his friend back home.

I awake way too early! So, I force myself to go back to sleep. When I awake again, Zack is standing in the kitchen all dressed up, with collared shirt tucked in, dress pants and looking dapper!! Hey, I'm used to seeing him in no sleeved t-shirts ready for his port to be accessed for treatments. It's Sunday, Easter and several families are getting together to celebrate. We haven't done Easter lunch since Frank's Mom passed away several year ago. Zack went to church and then to Drake's grandparents house for lunch. Frank, as always went for early morning fishing. I finish up the laundry and since I never did touch it, start in on the bookkeeping (for Franks business). Throughout the day, Frank would walk by and I would be on the couch watching an exciting part of "24", he would ask me a question and I would comment "I'm doing bookkeeping!!! don't interrupt" we would both start laughing, he says "clearly, I can see it on the table.... over there.... way far away from you...." Off and on I would make that statement, when I WASN'T actually working on it. Zack returned around 2 pm. He had a good time and enjoyed getting out for awhile. He and Frank started working on the water heater. They were going to replace the floor underneath, where it became rotten. Unfortunately the gas would not turn off completely to the water heater and it wasn't safe for them to continue. I continued for the balance of the day, finishing up the bookkeeping. Zack stuck around the house the rest of the day and Frank chilled.

I'm excited for the coming week. Tomorrow Zack will go work with Frank and I will be able to get my full three days in and deliver the next 30 posters we ordered on Friday. So far, we have put out 90 posters for the fundraiser, so I'm sure the turnout will be good. Tuesday he and Drake will go to the Cancer Center for labs and I will get to spend the day with Mom and Rhonda. Hopefully we will have the water heater delivered tomorrow and have the luxury once more of a hot shower. With Zack feeling so well, my anxiety level has been lower. It's been a great three days and we're all counting on a great week!!!

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