Sunday, March 24, 2013

This, that and the other

Zack continues feeling pretty nauseous. He is having headaches too, so that may mean transfusions next week instead of his next chemo. I haven't said anything to him yet, he knows his body so well as a result of all these treatments, so there is no need to point out the obvious. It was great to see him still jump up and run out the door to the auto parts store. He LOVES working on his truck, any vehicle for that matter. He and Frank are going to replace a caliper and feed line on Zacks truck. To explain, he came home the other night and said "Mom, my truck was SMOKING!" He had replaced the brake pads, but it turns out the there was another major part that needed replacing, so his brakes were not in top form. Luckily the rain stopped, so they were able to get on it right away. 

I met my (BFF) Nancy for a pedicure. I wanted to spend the day out having fun, go to see Mom, I had all these ideas in my head, but my body is telling me to just chill! I'm still not feeling up to par, my chest still feels like someone is standing on it, so it's taking me awhile to heal from the bronchitis (or whatever it was). I'm hearing from several people who have had similar, that it took them up to a month to clear up, so I'm giving myself more time. We met early, as Nancy was meeting Sue for more fundraising work. When I say work I mean WORK!!! There are so many tiny details and now they are working on the Silent Auction part. I have decided to donate one of my Father Christmas figures, I am blessed with many and if someone else can benefit from having one and enjoy it, I'll gladly pass it along. When we saw Sue, Zack was talking about asking some of his former Boy Scout Troop (GO 701!!!) to help with set up, break down and clean up at the Fundraiser. I share with Nancy that he had immediately called the Scout Master, Hooper, who thought it was a great idea and told him to come out on Monday night and tell the boys about it and bring a sign up sheet. This is a great way for them to get their community service hours or help towards a one of their requirements for a badge.

As I was returning home from being with Nancy and then grocery shopping, I pass Zack. He was returning the old part for a refund. I call him and offer to buy lunch. Frank is at home working on the landscaping around the house and doesn't want to break his stride. I notice that Zack is only eating half of his lunch (very unusual), he also only ate a salad last night. He said he just isn't that hungry, so we don't push him. Especially still feeling nauseous, who can expect him to eat. Once finished I wanted to go to Habitat thrift store, just to check out what goodies they might have. I luck out when I find a large tile for 75 cents to put under our fire pit (which I recently put on the wooden porch). The tile will protect the wooden floor from any small embers. Once home, I find Zack working hard outside on his truck. He and Drake had gone and picked up a lot of scrap metal and he discovered that one of the items Drake put in the back of  the truck was full of transmission fluid and required a lot of clean up. Frank had gone to get several bags of cat litter to pour over the liquid, which, if the animals got into, is poisonous.  Zack was not amused and (being like his mother.... tell it like it is...) he reached his friend and told him he better come and clean up the mess and pick up the items. He actually didn't want to wait to get it cleaned up (also his mother's trait) so he took care of everything and just left the items to be picked up.

Nukshuk, not yet assembled
Zack and Frank moved on to create a figure out of stones called a nukshuk. (An inukshuk is a traditional sculptural form made of unworked stones and used by the Inuit for communication and survival.) One of his customers asked for him to design this and since Zack was home and feeling up to doing something, they worked together to create it. Once completed, we all settle in for dinner (I actually cooked!) and a relaxing night of more TV. Zack didn't have any friends over, nor did he go anywhere. He just wants to stay close to home right now. At one point I go in his room to check on him and he is sound asleep in his over sized chair, with a blanket over him.

Cousins, Zack, Curtis, Abby and Darrick
Sunday we were expected at Shawn and Floyd's house for a Birthday party. It was our nephew's 4th Birthday on Tuesday and we are all getting together for hamburgers, hot dogs and of course, Birthday cake. Zack said he feels well enough to go, in fact he is kind of excited to go and get out of the house. Frank fixes his "world famous" potato salad. Since that isn't until 2 pm, we were able to relax a bit this morning and in true Frank fashion, "we" watched fishing shows for a couple of hours. Zack slept well until 10:30 am. Sometimes he just needs to sleep off how he feels. He teases when he is in the Hospital that he just wants them to drug him so he can sleep until it's all done.  He wakes up with a big smile and a hug for me (which we know I LOVE!). Our friends Jeff and Kelly are in town for the day (they dropped their son, who is moving to NY City, off at the local airport) and they are then heading back to Tennessee late this afternoon. It was great to see them, we did some catching up and they worked out an arrangement for Zack to take care of their landscaping at their house here, until they rent it out this summer.

After the party, Zack and I return home while Frank got in some fishing. He worked so hard this weekend and didn't get any time in for his favorite sport, Zack of course, teased him and asked why didn't he just take me with him. Frank replied "I don't feel like teaching, just fishing." I stated that I had no plans on fishing in the rain, I would go when the sun is out and I could fish / sunbathe. We all got a pretty good laugh.

Trenton came by the house for awhile. He and Zack were playing video games and then came out to me and asked if they could go out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. He promises not to be in an area where there are a lot of people, so we told him it was okay. There were planning on meeting Chris T. there as well.

It was a nice weekend overall. Fun, Rest and a little pampering for us all. Zack is going to help Floyd move some furniture for a lady in Sapphire tomorrow and he and some of his friends are going to be putting out the posted for the fundraiser around town. 

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