Friday, August 24, 2012

Attitude is Everything!

I know that Attitude is everything! I know that if my attitude today was good, things would have been a lot smoother. No matter what I tried to accomplish today, it was a struggle and at the end of the day I realized that is would have gone so much smoother had my attitude been better. Sure people make mistakes, people don't always do the right thing, some people just don't care, but had my attitude been better, I would have been able to shrug it all off and enjoy the day. Instead I was miserable and made those around me miserable as well.

What should have been an amazing day with my Mother and my son, turned out to be one more thing to mark of my "to do list". I tell Zack on a daily basis that his attitude must stay strong, he must stay positive and yet when the going gets rough, I don't follow my own advise. I could blame it on lack of sleep, stress or sheer frustration, but if my attitude had been calmer, I would have made a joke about each situation and we all would have had a good laugh.

I can't take back today, but I can change my attitude in the future. As I get ready for bed I count today's blessings.

1)  Mom was with us all day and through tomorrow

2)  Zacks counts are good , his arm is getting better with the daily shots and he has been in good moods in
      spite of us saying NO to many of his requests to run all over town.

3)  DSS finally got everything they need to complete our application for insurance assistance for the July and
     August. (after multiple trips to their office)

4) We were able to go the the mall to get Zack a pair of glasses. (after waiting 1 1/2 hrs they will be ready in
     5 days)

5) We made it to Hendersonville, Asheville and Home in spite of my "road rage" (Zack to me "MOM WE

6)  We get to go for next treatment on Tuesday (instead of Wednesday.. a nurse is willing to work half a day
      on her day off to accommodate my work schedule) THE CLINIC ROCKS!!!! Thank you Dr. S, Julia,
      Melanie, Karen and the nurse willing to come in on Tuesday (sorry don't know your name) for all your
      re-scheduling efforts!!

7)  Friends are working on a fundraiser to help offset the medical bills.(Life has a way of making us put away
      our pride and accept help when offered)

With so many blessings, I now end the day with a smile on my face, because I get a chance to make tomorrow better.

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