Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day Two.... but who's counting?

Last night, we finally managed to wake Zack up and get him settled in his own bed. He was feeling more and more nauseous ,so he took one of his meds to help with that. He did manage to fall asleep. I didn't hear him except for a few times when he would get up to get more water. It is so important for him to stay hydrated and flush out the bad stuff. 

On the other hand, Frank and hardly had any sleep at all. Our beloved Shitzhu Sidi decided to have his skin allergies and scratch ALL night long. We would get up and give him a Benedryl  NOTHING... NO HELP! Finally I got up at 1:30 am and put his cone on his head to keep him from scratching, then he proceeds to loose his dinner and hour later and I'm up cleaning THAT! So after about 4 hours total sleep, we wake up ready?? (okay maybe not so ready) to face another day.

Zack and Frank went  for his half day treatment (which turned out to be another full day).  He was given another treatment, then three bags of fluids to ensure hydration and to flush out all the toxins from his system . I know that there is a protocol to be followed, but shouldn't it count that the kid has NEVER been sick, only had three antibiotic prescription in his entire life? Maybe this is too much medicine? Of course I will call and ask, but I'm sure they must follow the same for everyone, just the dosage changes based on weight.

It is so hard to hear your child when they are not feeling well. You feel helpless and yet we are only day two? Will he get used to this? Will his body adjust to all of this treatment? The good news is that he has been sleeping most of the day. I guess that's good news. I need to find something good from this day for him.

At lunch I sit in "something" with my white pants and now look like I .... well you get the idea, so I decide to head home to change. I call Frank to see how things are going. Zack is sound asleep so doing better as far as how he is feeling. We then discuss the dog situation. We need to get a good night's sleep, so Frank tells me how one of his clients washes her dogs with Head and Shoulders shampoo, I think, why not, so I have 30 minutes left and head home, chase the dog around the bed (he knows what I'm getting ready to do), put him in the tub and give him a "human" shampooing. I then get changed and head back to work with a sense of accomplishment.
Zack showing his "attitude" with his saltines, just before bed.

I am finishing up work for the day, when I get a call from Frank, who is furious!! He says that he is outside Walmart (pharmacy) waiting for them to finish the new prescription for anti nausea medicine. He goes back in to pick it up and the cashier tells him he can't have it as it is a controlled substance. At this point, he wants to get Zack home and is not in the mood to mess with these people. (Zack was in the truck sleeping in the back seat at the time). He look at the lady and says, "EVERYTHING in back of this counter is a controlled substance!" she responds that he must have a paper prescription for that type of narcotic. He tells her that the nurse called it in, and that's what they always do! She again says that she can't release it without the doctors signature on paper. THAT is when he went outside to the truck, calls the on call Doctor and explains the problem. Then calls me and tells me to talk to the doctor and see what we need to do. I tell him to go home, get Zack settled in and rest until I get back home.  "I will get in touch with the doctor and go to get the medicine".  By the time Frank gets home there is a message from the pharmacy "your prescription is ready for pickup". Frank calls me and tells me about the message. I make it to the pharmacy, and the woman is apologizing for the inconvenience. She tells me that "the Doctor called and said that we needed to release this to the parents. He is really looking out for you guys" 

I take the medicine and decide it is going to be another 30 minutes until the local BBQ place has our dinner ready. Not having taken Mom shopping the past couple of weeks, I realized that we were out of groceries ( I would always do my shopping with Mom), so I grab some stuff around Walmart. Ours is a smaller store, not a super center like in Moms town, so it is limited as to what I can pick up, but I decide to get saltine crackers, and caffeine free soda for Zack to maybe settle his stomach. (it worked when I was pregnant.. hey you don't think?? NAH!!) LOL

I arrive home to a tired young man, husband and dog.  Zack is on the couch sitting up, Frank is on the porch (his favorite place besides a river), with the dog sleeping on a chair across from him. All the stress of the days events leave, I have my family back home safe and somehow feel I can "control" what happens next.(of course we all know the reality of it all).

Frank and I eat dinner, Zack eats his crackers and coconut macaroons (a suggestion from a cashier at Food Lion that her customers undergoing chemo eat to help ease the nausea) and drinks his water. He closes his eyes and says he is trying to change his thinking. I tell him mind over matter, that is one thing Grandpa was very good at. 

We decide that I will take him in the morning for his shot of Neulasta. (See description below) He was going with his friend, but we all three agreed it was best for me to take him this time, since he has had these issues the last couple of days. Luckily his appointment is at 8:30 am, so we should be back in time for the busy part of my work day. Again, I have amazing bosses / friends who are super supportive and love Zack.
Neulasta® works as a white cell booster. It works similarly to a protein that is made in the body. It acts on the cells in our bone marrow to increase the number of new white blood cells that are formed. 
Neulasta® helps protect your natural defenses with just 1 injection per cycle of chemo. It is given approximately 24 hours after you receive chemo2

Zack is a lot more clingy the last couple of days, than in recent years as he tries to be the cool teenager around his friends.  I am enjoying our time together. I wish it were under different circumstances, but it is what it is (sorry Bob). Now it is time to rest and watch one of my shows while I slowly fall asleep.

We are nearly done with week one!! We are survivors and attempt to show some attitude!! 

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