Sunday, August 26, 2012

Room with a view

We finally found the time to complete Zack's room. The collectables are back on their shelves, Zack's artwork stands out more than ever on the dark green walls, speakers are hanging  next to "Grandpas" record player (a gift from Meme and a treasure to Zack). We took down his door (a creation Zack did a couple of years ago) and hung it up as artwork. . A framed drum head hangs directly above his desk, autographed by "Stained" and "Red" from the first concert he ever attended.

 The room now appears larger than before with the wood floors installed and the carpet removed. The original purpose of all this was to sterilize his room. The carpet was so old and once removed, black mold (killed with bleach) and extreme dust from the deteriorated padding appeared. The large desk which served more as a storage area than desk was replaced with a simpler style. Zack prefers not to have all the cubicles, less locations to "stash" clutter. The black curtains replaced with nothing but natural light entering the room.
With all of the posters removed (at Zack's request) I found another piece of his artwork, this was completed a year ago at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) when there for a summer program. The matting is also painted to blend with the painting. Grandpa would be proud!

Knowing this week could be tough, We gave Zack more freedom than usual this weekend.  He wanted to hang out with his friends and since keeping his spirits up are just as important as the treatment, what better way to accomplish that.  Frank did all the all the laundry and grocery shopping,  buying meals we can put together in the crock pot and have ready when home from work / clinic. I did my usual room by room clean up, when I would get overwhelmed I would return to the "clean" room and smile, then go back to cleaning with more motivation.

Zack spent a couple of nights at Drake's house and when he returned home tonight, his color was off again. His lips turn white and skin becomes quite pale (result of his hemoglobin).  He's in a pretty bad mood right now, He wanted one of his friends to go with him tomorrow for his blood work, but they are in school or working, so I've decided to take him. The Doctor said  they may need to schedule a blood transfusion and if it happens tomorrow, I will need to be there anyway. It's hard to see him this way. I remind him we are already one month done, look at what has been done not what lies ahead. He just closes his door and goes to bed. Who can blame him, I would and have done the very same. As a matter of fact, I think I will do just that. It's been a productive weekend and I am grateful for the fun we had among our many accomplishments. I am learning that life has to be a balance and I'm doing my best to find it!

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