Monday, August 6, 2012

More great days ahead

Today Zack went to the High School to hand in his papers for a "Home Bound" course which will be English Honors and an Online course which will be Sports and Entertainment Marketing. He met with the Vice Principal who said that they are getting everything together for his home and hospital visits. Never having done this before, I don't know what it all entails. It seems that a teacher or teachers will meet with him to do his lessons either at the hospital or at home. Pretty cool. The VP also told Zack that he will have to do his Senior report but not the entire Project, which involves a lot of hands on work. I will find out all the details tomorrow when I go to pick up his Google Laptop (all the students are getting one, to borrow). He left there and called me all excited! It is so good to hear him excited about something, anything! He continues to have a good health day and is running around with his friends,

He had his first counseling session with "my" psychotherapist / acupuncturist, Jim. He has helped me through a lot and even though Zack is not well known for "sharing" his feelings, I feel that it can't hurt even if he gets help with a little of what's going on. I love the idea that he can talk to someone totally neutral. I told him that unless it involves him hurting himself, what he tells Jim is in confidence.

I called the Cancer Center to find out our schedule for this week. We all three had different schedules in our "head". It turns out the Zack has a treatment (the one that will NOT make him sick) tomorrow. It will be half a day, if everything goes well  (and there is no reason it should not), and then time off until Friday for labs. I will find out tomorrow, but I'm sure that is to check his platelets and white blood count. We hope that it will be half a day and if it is, depending on how he feels, we will go and hang out with Meme and Bob for awhile. Oops that's supposed to be a surprise!! SURPRISE!!!! LOL

I had a great day at work, though it is still hard for me to focus no matter how great I think I am feeling. I hate this part of the "stress". I was this way when Daddy was towards the end of his journey. I know Mom was for many years,. Stress can do weird things to our minds. We forget words, names, the simplest things. It took me quite a while to figure out what people were saying to me. Like I was in slow motion and yet tried to be fast and efficient. Didn't happen!! I stayed late to make sure that I got everything caught up and it feels great as I  was able to focus on what I was doing. Multi tasking is not my strong suit right now, and I am usually VERY good at it.  I know it will come back soon, once the routine is in.

Zack was so busy running around and having a good time that he called tonight and asked if he could stay at his friends house longer and continue to swim. HE was my ride!! LOL, so I called Frank and asked him to pick me up from work. It is kind of funny, here I am with no car again, well until...... he gets his "new" ride..... to be continued....

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