Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An apple for the teacher

After sending emails out to all the teachers and the Vice Principal asking yet again for help for Zack, the emails started coming in. I must say, I'm not impressed with "home bound". The lack of care that has been shown with regards to Zack's schooling is very sad.  I had promised Zack that I would lay low for a couple of weeks and not contact the teachers, nor nag him (as he puts it) on a daily basis about his school work. Well, it is four weeks later and though a couple of teachers have sent emails with new work for Zack, not a single visit home from the homebound teacher. When I finally get a return email, she explains that she has been very busy with homecoming and yes, Zack is pretty far behind in his work. Seriously???? NOW you tell me he is behind? Why haven't you emailed him with reminders asking for his work? Don't the kids in class get this? I'm sure the kids in class standing right in front of "you" are asked for their work, given deadlines and expected to do their work. I don't want it to be December and "all of a sudden" get an email or note saying he will not graduate because "he" didn't do his work! It takes a team and I as a tax paying parent expect others to do their part!

I was so ready to go straight to the Superintendent of our school system and ask for his help. Thankfully, after talking with a couple of people, I was calmed down and decided to give the teachers another chance. In my email I asked for them to give Zack deadlines and to include me in those deadlines. I also asked that they call or come by at least once a week, even if for thirty minutes. My thinking is why have schools, classes and all that expense, if a student can be handed a laptop and told to do it on his own? Well this is pretty much where Zack has been. Under "normal" circumstances I would have no problems "fighting" with Zack to get his work done, but through everything else we are going through, this is when the school system needs to show that they are capable of caring for every student, including "special needs", which is who Zack has become during this time. Zack even agreed with me last night and said he hasn't held up his end, but could also use a few of the teachers help. 

I left Zack doing his school work this morning. I have told him that he doesn't go ANYWHERE, no friends, nothing until he is totally current with the rest of his classmates. I remind him that if he doesn't do the work, he will not graduate and that is not an option. I also tell him that if he needs to see or talk with a teacher, he needs to email them and ask for help! They are not coming on their own, so he needs to be the one to ask, when we ask, they do appear. Like this afternoon. His homebound teacher came out and spent a little over an hour with him. When she left he was excited because she helped him find more sources for his Senior paper. 

The caped crusader herself!
I had gone to see Mom and took her to her eye appointment. She originally had an appointment in a couple of weeks, but once I found out there was no Center today and her eyes were really bothering her I was able to change the date. Everything checked out just fine. It turns out that she needs glasses, a surprise to her since she had cataract surgery several years ago. I guess we didn't realize that her vision could change again. With a relieved look on Moms face, two hours later, we are on our way to run a few errands, have a Belgian break (dessert and coffee around 5 pm) and hitting one of our favorite thrift stores. It was a short visit, but well worth it, Mom and I had a a great time together as always. (Mom will probably kill me for posting this picture, but I just had to, Ha Ha)

I was home by 7pm, grabbed a slice of pizza at the local corner store ( I know, really healthy dinner). As I was walking in the back door, Zack's teacher left through the front. Zack was all energetic and excited, which was worth every email. Frank and I decide to catch up on some of our pre recorded shows. 

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