Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something smells "fishy"?

Our day started out early. Zack and I were to be at the clinic by 8 am for his next chemo treatment. We groggily wake up and make it there fifteen minutes late. The traffic was so hectic and everyone was driving like mad people. The rain was hitting the car so hard at times it was hard to see out the window. We have learned to take our time when it is like this. It's not worth getting hurt or worse to make it early. We arrive to smiles and rushing around. They have a full day scheduled with every room booked. Zack has his port accessed, but they end up having to give him some medication to clear the port area as it keeps closing and won't let them put the Vincristine in.

Frank had kept some trout on the side for me to bring to the clinic for the nurses and doctors. I wasn't sure if they were interested, so I had left the cooler in the car. When they all expressed that they would love some fish, I went down to the car to collect the cooler. While on my way downstairs, a young man entered the elevator. As soon as we walked outside the skies opened up and it started to pour. We both stood there, he smoking his cigarette and me just standing there debating on whether or not I should get wet. As I stood there, I introduced myself, we shook hands and shared our "stories". He is there with his four year old son who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of a year and a half. He said that his "little man"  is so brave, so strong. His mother (the boys) lives in Florida and only calls a couple of times a month, so it is up to him and his parents to be there for him. His prognosis is good, but he still has another year of chemo. Today he has shingles and is being put under sedation for a special treatment, he will then go home and has his chemo treatments. The father proudly shows me pictures of his son. What a tough little guy, you can see in the pictures this boy has a fighting will with his expressive face. I explain what Zack is going through and he tells me he just doesn't understand why this has to happen to children. He tells me he has had several people in his family fight and loose their battle with cancer. The rain subsides and we part ways, wishing each other the best for our children.

I return upstairs, the nurse takes the fish and puts it in their refrigerator returning the cooler. I set up the laptop on the desk to send out billing for Franks company and within five minutes the nurse returns, gives Zack his shot and tells us we are all set to go. What? already? It takes me two minutes to close everything up and we are out the door with an appointment for double blood transfusion on Thursday.

We head out for a couple of errands. I actually buy some lipstick! (another thing I haven't used in over three months). Some issues arose where my inner (male) had to show up, but all ended up turning out well so I won't bore with the details. Enough to say, I know how to take care of me and mine and no one is gonna mess with Mama bear! Zack and I headed over to see Mom and Bob, who had Zack's birthday present waiting for him. It was just what we (I) needed. I was in such a state and sitting at the kitchen table laughing, processing and receiving much needed support helped me through the rest of the day. Bob played a game of "price is right" with Zack's present, choose the box or the envelope, the cranes or the box.. we were all laughing and in the end we ended up with all the prizes. A generous gift from Bob to help towards Zack's next vehicle. We laughed so much I'm smiling just thinking about it. 

We arrive home in time for Zack to drop me off and head up the road to see his friends for a couple of hours. I sit in front of the TV with the laptop and finish up with the bookkeeping. I realize at 6:30 pm that I had fallen asleep with one finger on the mouse and the other laying on top of the laptop. I can't help but laugh, I didn't realize I was that tired. A pizza is ordered, delivered and devoured. 

Though the day was eventful in some areas, the areas that matter were calm. Zack had a good couple of days with regards to his treatment. His appetite has been good and mood even better. He is getting back into the routine of school work, chores and play. Though he is already talking about the hospital stay next week and not looking forward to it (who would?) I tell him attitude is EVERYTHING!! and WE are going to do things differently. More walking around, more routine and the time will go faster. He just grumbles and says "yeah, okay Mom, let's go with THAT!" My response "Smart Ass" and we both laugh!!

Excited about work tomorrow. The office is decorated, work is being accomplished with my head being clear and Zack stays home to do his school work. the rain should stay away, so Frank can get a good day of work in.

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