Wednesday, October 17, 2012


That's all I can say! Amazing day! Zack did homework all day and got caught up with a lot of it, still has a lot more to do, but is motivated and doing great. He is feeling really well and energetic. He almost seems excited about doing his school work (well maybe we won't go quite that far). Knowing that we don't have to go back and do any kind of treatment or tests until Friday has us all excited. I'm sure my car is even thrilled, the miles are piling on quickly.

Frank and I are moving right along with our respective jobs. The weather has cooperated enabling him to work daily. We are now looking into where to advertise for the Spring, if you don't choose the right type or location to advertise it can be one of the easiest ways to throw away money. Being able to schedule everything (most of the time) around my work has made it so that I'm not behind in anything. Mom worries that I'm trying to be "perfect", but with a little more than a touch of OCD, it is part of my mechanism. I do get rest when tired, some nights I just come home and after having dinner crawl into bed and chill watching my favorite recorded shows. As I was telling her, I can rest physically, but emotionally I get little breaks here and there. The bottom line is, when Zack is good, I'm good!! Typical motherhood behavior!

Zack has a couple more days to catch up on his school work, then over the weekend he will be putting tires on the ATV  and hanging out with his friends. At least that is more leverage for us to get his work done. Again, it's not easy to be tough on him, but we aren't doing him any favors by not pushing him to do his best. He is an amazing young man and watching how he is handling all of this with such grace is a lesson for everyone surrounding him.

We received a call from radiology today and the Friday appointment has been changed to Monday. They will do the preparation and first treatment so I will be going with him. They agreed that he can be there on his own for the other visits. Treatments should take about 15 minutes. The drive is what will take longer, 45 minutes one way.

We will still go to the clinic on Friday for his D-dimer test. (D-dimer is a fibrin degradation product (or FDP), a small protein fragment present in the blood after a blood clot is degraded by fibrinolysis)   In other words, this is the test to determine if there are blood clots present. This is why he is still taking the shots twice a day. They will also see if he needs a blood transfusion ,"should" be a short day, but we never know.

We had a nice surprise today. About a month ago I was talking with a young lady at US Cellular about cancelling a certain service we really didn't need. In explaining our situation (hey, if you'll listen, I'll tell ) she mentioned her step son having had multiple brain tumors and surgeries and how he is now in high school and doing very well. Today in the mail was a hand written card saying that she was thinking about us all and wishes us all the best. As I said previously, the little things now mean so much! Here is a "stranger" and she has taken the time to think about us and send a note. So many wonderful people are out there and we have never felt alone. I can't say that enough! We KNOW that we are loved!!

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