Sunday, October 7, 2012

Has anyone seen my son?

Sunday is uneventful. I would be able to share Zack's day, but that would require me seeing him! He woke up around 10:30 (just a few minutes after I did.. lazy day for sure), got dressed and headed out to help one of his friends work on his truck.

I on the other hand worked on finishing the kitchen counter tops. I actually feel like cooking something, a miracle in itself. I rest a while, then work a little, rest, then work. It is a relaxing day for me. I know the week ahead is full of hospital stays, and trips to Asheville so I "nest". Nesting is always a good way for me to feel good about leaving and knowing that all (or most) would be in order when I return home. Frank is great about keeping up with the house, laundry, etc.. Zack? not so much, but he's learning.

Off and on Zack checks in and tells me he is feeling well. He is helping Mickie put camo detailing on his truck. He ran to Lowes for me and picked up some extra caulking so we got to see him for a couple of minutes. I'm so glad that he was out having a good time, next week is going to be boring for sure, so he will at least have this weeks fun to remember.

It is 7:30 pm and Zack has finally returned home followed by Drake. He shows me the picture of the truck which looks very good. He apologized for being gone all day, (we assure him no apology necessary, this is normal for a teenager and makes us happy that he is out there having fun). He eats dinner which is already cold and we tell him it is time to stay home and get a good nights rest.

We have some friends that are working on a hot dog / gospel singing (Green River Boys) fund raiser for Zack. Details to follow when confirmation of location is available tomorrow. These are some folks we met camping and though they have a great big heart, they are scattered, so until I have the papers in hand with date, time and location this will be all I mention about it. If it works out that will be great, if not, there is something better as we are always "taken care of".

We can start the week with smiles on our faces. Tomorrow, Zack goes to school to drop off school work, and have lunch with his friends. Zack is in good spirits and feeling well. Tuesday we get labs and if all checks out well, enter the hospital for the next series of chemo.

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