Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Are you ready for some football?"

It is Friday and another great day! Zack was feeling much more energetic this morning, he was able to get more of his school work done, hauled off the trash which didn't get picked up Thursday and pick up lunch. I went to Hendersonville, picked up Mom and we met Louis Miles (a very dear family friend for over 30 years) at the Biltmore House, Bistro Restaurant in Asheville. Today's plan? A fun day with Mom!

I stopped by Karen Ann Wall's on the way to Mom's to pick up my Mary Kay order. She is doing a fund raiser and 50% of all sales until this Sunday go to Zack to help offset the medical bills, gas etc... (if interested go to ) There has been some facial cleanser and rejuvenating creams I have wanted to try, so why not now. I pick up Mom and we are on the road after a quick trip to the bank.

Louis is waiting for us at the Bistro with a big smile on his face. Celia could not join us, as she was at a local bookstore selling and signing her latest book. We spend over two hours reminiscing about our time in Spain, Louis' recent trip to Italy, Zack is discussed a bit, but I was determined to make the conversation about something and someone else.

Mom and I were to go grocery shopping,  but that never happened.  We were so busy having fun, at thrift stores and dress shops it was dinner time before we realized what time it was. We ate Chinese and hit the road back to Hendersonville. I call Rhonda and ask her  if she can take Mom grocery shopping over the weekend, since we played all day.

Touching base with Zack off and on, He is having a great time at the Homecoming game with Drake. He was given permission by the Doctors to go as long as he felt well and didn't get too close to the crowd. He told me he was standing near the wall under the bleachers. He was caught off guard when several of his fellow classmates didn't know what was going on. One girl, he told me later, was hugging him and sobbing.

We were all home by 10 pm, where Zack was off again to spend the night at his friends house. It's hard to say no when he is having so much fun and next week is our hospital stay, so we want him in the best possible frame of mind.

It is Saturday, Zack returns home to do some chores, goes and gets some new boots with Drake and when they return (with my car) we go back out to Lowes. I need to get bird and squirrel food and decide to buy some tiles to cover the chipped and peeling kitchen counter tops. Since replacing the kitchen is not an option, I make repairs one step at a time. When we arrive at the store, we are greeted by our own Boy Scout  Troop 701 (Zack's old troop). They are selling popcorn, so of course we had to make a small purchase to support them. Again, we find a few are not aware of what Zack has been going through, so I briefly tell them. While I'm shopping , Zack and Drake run to Subway to get lunch and return to pick me up thirty minutes later. We return home and I begin my new project. First I fill the bird feeders, then put out the new squirrel feeder off the patio so they stay off our porch and begin on the counter tops. Frank returns from fishing and loves the new look, he of course knows that projects like this keep me happy.

Zack advertised parts from his car for sale. Today, one group of people came out and removed several of those parts, which took hours. It was kind of funny, at one point I looked outside and the four men were working on the car while Zack and Drake sat in chair just watching. Of course that was the arrangement. Whomever buys the parts, must take them out.  Once they were gone he runs up the street again to hang out with several of his friends. He calls to see if he can stay out until 10 pm with the agreement that he is staying in for most of tomorrow with chores, school work and thank you notes. 

Frank and I decide we need a funny movie and watch Tim Burtons, "Dark Shadows" with Johnny Depp. It is just weird enough for us to enjoy. Tomorrow is another day of rest and relaxation, (well my version anyway).

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