Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The loss of a beloved pet....

No not Sidi my little Shitzhu whom I adore, nor my husbands valued, man eating cat ,Anubus. It was Lucy, the only finch left of a family of four. Ricky, Lucy, Ethel and Fred started out as our (Cagen Family Chiropractic) office companions, when it became to much to keep their cage clean I brought them home and found a perfect spot in the home office, on the middle shelf surrounded by Father Christmas figures, Landscaping books and yes, high enough that even our ubber hunter Anubus could not gain access. That was three years ago. One by one they passed until Lucy ("you got some splainen to do") was the only bird left standing. That is until today. I return from a night of no sleep at the hospital, a busy day at work and thought I would end the day with a great dinner with Shawn and Floyd ( in laws). WRONG!!! I come home, there at the door is Sidi and Anubus, excited to welcome me home. After much loving to and from them, I go into the home office (a daily routine) to say hello to Lucy. There she lay, upside down, eyes wide open in her nest. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the sight. I am so tired and now must say goodbye to my sweet little friend. Perhaps she has missed me banging away the keyboard in the office. Since I transferred everything to my laptop I rarely work in there anymore. Did she miss me? Did she die from heartache? Or did she just decide "I'm outta here!". I'm hoping it was the latter.

From what I understand Finches like to be in pairs. I couldn't bear to get her another mate, what if they hated each other? then what? separate cages? Oy Vay that's just too much for one human to handle. So, we say good by to our sweet songstress (yes she sang to us quite often and beautifully ). I quickly dispose of everything, cage included and place another "item" on the shelf. No more birds in cages, I will feed the ones that are free and can come and go as they please.

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