Friday, October 19, 2012

Love the one you're with!

Okay, so the day started out with work at 6:30 am. Everything went smoothly, in fact it was quite fun. We had plans to close the office at noon today and I already had appointments set up for most of the balance of the day. I head out to the local hospital where Zack had his original surgery to work out payment arrangements and see what kind of discount they could offer based on our income. (this was the one month that we were not able to get any kind of insurance coverage) Within thirty minutes all the papers were filled out and the outcome was very good with 50% discount. So payment arrangements are set in motion. The lady that I worked with was very nice and wished us all the best, she was not condescending like so many "collectors" can be.

I went on my way and headed to Hendersonville to meet a very dear friend, Karen Ann. She is a Mary Kay consultant and created a fund raiser for Zack by offering us 50% of  her sales for a week, though Karen felt the fundraiser did not do as well as she hoped,  we are very pleased, are always very grateful and appreciate all her hard work. Karen and I had a nice relaxing lunch together and were able to get caught up with the past few months.  When Karen and I finished lunch, I got in my car and see that there were two voicemails. As I listen my anxiety level increases.

What started out to be a fairly easy day tomorrow, is now turned upside down. The radiation was postponed until Monday, the blood tests were moved from 11:30 am to 8:am at the Clinic, then they added a contrast and noncontrast MRI at 8:45 am, for this Zack is not permitted to eat after midnight until the MRI is done, this is at another location 2 miles from the Center. Once that is done, a couple of hours later, we have thirty minutes to grab lunch (his first meal of the day) and then head to the Hospital (where Zack usually receives his five day treatment) where he is scheduled for a CT scan, which is going to be another three hours. So, the day is going to be full. The reason for all of these tests is to have comparative scans before the radiation treatments begin on Monday.

I finish listening to the voicemails, return multiple phone calls, cancel scheduled appointments that conflicted with the changes all while sitting in the restaurant parking lot. In took about twenty minutes of scheduling and rescheduling, reorganizing and then to breathe again.

My next "item" was to going to be so much fun. I drive a couple of blocks to Mom and Bob's house. I "hide" my car next to the tall hedge, walk to the front door (which is only used by the mailman or unwanted solicitors) , knock on the door and as it opens I see Bob, he looks surprised, I motion for him not to say a word, he sends me through the living room to hide behind a curtain. He then goes to get Mom, who was vacuuming in her bedroom and brings her towards the curtain. He points down to the dog that was trying to get to me, she looks at the dog and asks what she is supposed to look at, just as she steps closer to the curtain, I pull it back and she bursts into tears of joy. We both stand there hugging each other crying for what seems to be an eternity. We have always been so close and before this life change, spent every Tuesday together. It took Mom about an hour to catch her breath again. I told her I would never do that again and she immediately said "NO, It was like Christmas, it was so nice to be surprised! I didn't think I would see you for at least another week or so." We visited for awhile then went out for our favorite sushi. I wanted to find a dress so we went to three different shops including our favorite Steinmart, I just couldn't find what I was looking for, so we headed back home. I now feel like I can handle another week of rushing around. I am still so blessed to have Mom in my life and want to take advantage of our time together whenever I get a chance.

On my way home I decided to call my "other" Mom, Lee. She recently had a pretty bad fall and cut her face, which thankfully is healing beautifully and sustained a fracture to her knee, which she just today found out is also healing quite well.  I spoke with Lee all the way home, catching up with Zack's recent appointments and life in general. I know she reads my blog on a daily basis ( HI LEE, LOVE YOU!!!) but sometimes you just need to hear the voice. Today, that was the perfect way to end the day.

Once home, Zack, Frank and I discussed the next few days. Zack is not pleased and is in a bit of a bad mood, but he knows once it's all over, he will have a more normal weekend with his friends, a family get together with Mother in law on Saturday (if his counts are good) and for me, rest on Sunday. (We ALL know what Frank will be doing..... fishing of course!)

Another day spent with loved ones. It doesn't get any better than this!!

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