Thursday, January 17, 2013

Breathing easy.............

The past couple of days have been routine. Just the fact that I can even say that is huge! The weather has been detrimental with regards to Franks work, but has also given him a chance to stay home and work on his design for a new project that's coming up in a couple of weeks. Zack and I have a totally new relationship. I am relaxed and when I hear him in his room playing video games, I walk by and smile. Since he is now a graduate, I have less to "nag: about (as he puts it). 

Zack is feeling much better since his double transfusion and platelets. He has had one of his friends, Donald, staying at the house quite a bit of late. Donald is dating (for this week anyway, teenagers!) Drakes sister. He, Zack and Drake get along really well and since Zack downloaded two new video games in preparation for the hospital stay, they have been playing non stop games. He has chores to do as well, but since he just finished his schooling, we decided to give him somewhat of a break. 

He will be working off and on with Frank, when he feels well enough to do so.  One of his dreams was to go to Blue Ridge College this second semester to begin his studies on auto mechanics, but the Doctors say it is just too risky. Especially with the flu epidemic, (even the hospitals now have restrictions in place with regards to visitors). My mother in law has been ill for two weeks with it and doesn't dare go near us, even though she and I have so much to do with regards to my father in laws passing. We are all so much more careful now. We know that one little thing could put Zack in the hospital and we aren't willing to take that chance. Thank God everyone around us has so much respect and is equally protective of him. The other day one of his friends came in and before entering the house said "Hi Mom, I'm not sick!!" It warms my heart to have his friends come over and be with him. I'm not sure where any of us would be without them. We weren't sure what would happen with regards to his friends. They are all young, energetic out for a good time and yet they have the compassion to stand by their friend and ensure that he has fun as much as possible and include him every chance they get. 

Our friends and family are equally compassionate. They know when we are having a hard time and give us love, support and when needed space to breathe.  They also remember that we too need to live our lives and include us when there is a dinner, lunch or special get together's, though we usually beat them to the punch as we love to have people over. 

Most of the time of late, I'm satisfied to come home, see my husband comfortable on the couch engulfed in his favorite show with the dog on one side and the cat on his lap or in the kitchen cooking dinner. Zack is in his room, hanging out with his friends, laughing and cutting up. I go into my sanctuary (our bedroom), pull out the laptop to play my games on  FB , catch up on the days events and blog. It is my time to unwind from the day. When they are ready, Frank and Zack will come and share their day with me as I "hold court" and listen attentively  

For today, things are calm and progress is steady. I do not count how many more days, weeks, months or treatments. I simply enjoy each day as best I can, hope that "today" Zack will feel good, Frank will have work and I can make it through another day without crying. 

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