Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"My how you've changed, since I've changed"

We made it through Tuesdays chemotherapy treatment quickly. I headed out early in the morning for my first Weight Watchers meeting. It felt so good to get started on a new path to a healthier me. Having spent so much time in doctors offices and hospitals, I don't want to end up in either, due to my weight. Zack and I arrived at the Cancer Center around 11:30 am. His port was accessed and within an hour his lab results were back with his numbers in the perfect range, his chemo treatment was completed within another thirty minutes and we were out the door.

Zacks spirits were good today as were mine. This is the first day in awhile that we were both kidding around and in a lighter mood. Zack was in need of a new belt as his has fallen apart, so we checked out the Country Western store and found the perfect one, which should last a lot longer.We arrived home in record time, giving me time to do some light house cleaning and Zack a chance to continue reading for his English paper. Frank came home to a home cooked meal (much to his surprise) and we sat down to catch up on some of our favorite shows.

My anxiety is much less and I'm feeling my old self again. I realized (finally) that by taking care of myself, I am in a better state of mind to care for others. Of course with this change, both Frank and Zack are livelier and more relaxed. 

Zack wakes up feeling tired today. His stomach is not upset, which was a huge problem last week. We tell him to rest as much possible today and I'm pleased when he tells me he is coming to get an adjustment today. I knew his neck has been hurting and he hasn't been sleeping as well because of it, so this will take care of that. He located a paper he had forgotten to include in his psychology packet, so he took a few extra minutes to drop that off at the school. Because there are several warnings out about different flu strains, we are telling him to be extra careful wherever he goes and not to go in areas where there are a lot of people. He arranged to go to the school when everyone was in class, so the halls were empty. 

I came home to a nice meal (Frank and Zack cooked this time). Zack surprised me with a VERY clean room. Teasing, I asked what he wanted, to which he replied "since you asked.... NOT." He said he is bored since he doesn't have school work. He has been reading the book for his final project, but was tired of his room being a mess and decided to deal with it. We found an old chair and TV at Habitat for Humanity (his TV died) and when I came in he was sitting comfortably in his "new" chair covered by the colorful blanket he received his first month at the hospital (from Project Linus). He tends to get colder now, which is mostly due to the shots to prevent blood clots. He was a bit concerned and asked why he would be so tired today. I reminded him that he just finished a chemo treatment Tuesday and I'm sure that was the cause. I'm glad we are going back to the Cancer Center on Friday, just in case he needs a transfusion. Though it is going to be a full day, with labs, MRI and X-rays and later in the day a CT scan. All must be done before going into the Hospital next week. 

I had purchased the Wii Zumba (dancing) exercise "game" with  a Christmas gift certificate I received as a gift. It arrived today and I was so excited I put it in the Wii system. Let's just say, Frank and Zack had a great time making fun of my "moves" and the music. I was instructed to do the game when they were not eating dinner. Of course, I continued to dance and enjoyed every minute!!! It's so nice that I discovered another way to torture them!! 

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