Thursday, January 31, 2013

Proud Mama!

Well, the exciting news in our little town Yesterday was the 64 degree weather, 70 mile an hour winds with tornado warnings and flooding. Luckily we live high enough above the creek, are protected by a mountain and have easy access to our house. Our instructions to Zack were to stay home and not go anywhere. Several of the roads were closed early in the day due to heavy flooding and with strong winds it was near impossible to keep on the road.  Zack's color is getting more fair so we would be surprised if he doesn't get a transfusion on Friday. He is tired, but in good spirits, mostly playing video games or watching his favorite shows. 

Since I worked late I haven't had much time to really sit down and talk with Zack. He has had his friends over after work or school and with the weather being so bad Donald stayed another night. He still doesn't talk much about his mother. He tells us he has a hard time seeing her this way and yet he hangs out with Zack all the time. Is it possible that all this kid knows is Cancer? It's hard when they don't share how they are feeling. 

As warm as yesterday was, today was the polar opposite  We wake to 32 degrees and the winds are pretty much gone. The cow pasture across from our road is now a lake, without a single blade of grass showing. The cows have already been relocated to higher ground, something the farmer is always prepared for at this time of the year. We can still make it to town and back without any problems, but the main road to the far side of town is still closed due to flooding and will likely stay that way for the rest of the week. I heard from Mom that Biltmore, where Rhonda and I had just gone to lunch and shopping on Saturday, is now under water. When mother nature decides to take over, there isn't much we can do.  I just pray the business' are not damaged. 

Zack is feeling a little more energetic today, he says it's because he is mostly resting. He has had more company and seems to continue to be in good spirits. I ask him to run a couple of errands for me and he is eager to do so. His side kick, Donald is there as well. I had a rough morning having left my glasses at home, I could barely see the papers in front of me without putting them two arms lengths away. My stomach kept burning and I was so anxious, the slightest little thing could set me off. The last time I remember feeling this way was when I was on prednisone for poison ivy. I finally called the pharmacist and asked him why I feel like I could punch somebodies lights out? He said to stop all medication immediately, I was having an allergic reaction. Feeling better from the diverticulitis flare up, I quickly threw out the medicine and by five o'clock was already feeling less anxious. I heard from Lee on how to work through all of this without antibiotics and am going to try her suggestions. I would much prefer to go the natural way if possible anyway. 

I put in another full day of work. We are going back to the basics (as we did when I was first hired) and though I'm not known for liking change, I am glad we are doing so. It took me most of the day and a large portion of the evening to get everything in place for Monday morning. I don't like to leave without everything being ready for the next work day, as we never know what is going to be and though it hasn't happened , I would rather "be prepared" should I not be able to go into work.  Frank called to see what I wanted for dinner, not being particularly hungry, I just tell him to take care of the clan that has now formed at our house. (two  girls and three boys, all "my" great kids.)

While wrapping up for the evening I get a pre recorded message from the High School. It is a young ladies voice reminding us to purchase the year books (for $65.00 thank you very much!) and cap and gown pictures will be taken next week Friday. It hits me, he is really graduating! He is really going to cross the stage with all his friends! I just can't stop smiling. I am so proud of him and so excited for his future. 

Once I arrived home, Frank is sound asleep on the couch with the remote control tightly gripped in one hand. I'm tempted to take a picture, but know he will kill me (NOT REALLY!!!) if I posted it anywhere. (smile). The two boys are playing video games as Leia watches. The kitchen sink is full of dishes, there's a pot on the stove full of sauce for the spaghetti and sauce splattered all over the place. I ask Zack and his friends who is on kitchen patrol and they tell me they are the ones that cooked dinner, so KP is up to the adults. How can I argue with that? So I quickly clean up the kitchen all the while, Frank is still snoring. (we mustn't wake up to a dirty kitchen now must we?) Zack takes his friends home (yes, all of them!) and returns. He stops in the doorway to the kitchen and says "I think I hurt your feeling earlier and I didn't mean to." He had, but I'm also more sensitive these days, so I just tried to forget it. He have me a big hug and I thanked him for being such a good kid and so caring. He, being typical goofball says "yeah, whatever, get over it!" and.... the moment is gone! 

Tomorrow brings another trip to Asheville for labs and possible (most likely) blood transfusion. My mother in law Linda is going with us, as she and I have an appointment at the VA to go over Big John's paperwork, pick up a plaque for his grave (we still haven't had the burial) and wrap up loose ends. She is fully aware that she may be spending a full day with us and with her typical humor she tells me "I guess I can survive a day with you!" 

On Saturday, I have set aside the day to be with Mom. It has again been a couple of weeks since we have seen each other and long over due. Sunday is the Super Bowl and as we always have a part every year, we decided this year should not be any different. Especially since we won't be in the Hospital. So, we have a pretty cool weekend planned, I will of course share with plenty of photos, (that is when Zack isn't hiding his face).

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