Monday, January 14, 2013

Get the cap and gown ready...

Zack  came into our room late last night and said "Mom, you don't have to nag me anymore, I just finished and turned in my final paper."

Well today we received confirmation from his English Honors teacher!!! It's always better to have it in writing!!

Hey Guys,

I have received and graded all the work for English IV. Congrats! You have passed the class with a 92. It was a real pleasure working with you guys. I am so impressed that you were able to juggle the things you did and graduate early. Now you can truly focus on your recovery and things you enjoy doing. : )

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do like editing college or admission essays. It would be my pleasure.

Mrs. Owen : )

We are so proud of Zack and his accomplishment. Did it take a lot of nagging along the way? yes!  In the end, it was up to him to finish and he did.  He wants to now focus on his treatment and will be working with Frank when he feels well enough. There are many things he wants to get for his truck and wants to earn the money to do it. 

He will be crossing the stage with his friends, most of whom he has known his entire life. That will happen in June, so hopefully he will be done with his treatment, STILL cancer free and ready for the next phase of his life... going to the community college for two years to study automotive. Then he wants to move to Nashville  TN and go to the Auto Diesel school there (one of the top in the Country).

Tomorrow is the start of Hospital week. We have our bags packed, food purchased (he now loves fresh raw vegetable and dip / Salsa and chips and pumpernickel bread with soft cheese) and car loaded and ready. Zack downloaded two new games for his X-Box and though he doesn't like going into the hospital, this is the first time he doesn't have the weight of school on his mind.

We have been floating all day!!

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