Friday, January 11, 2013

"Final words from Big John" Papaw

When my father in law passed away, in the safe was a sealed envelope marked "read at my funeral". My sister in law Shawn read it beautifully! As always, Big John had the last word and those who knew him can appreciate the humor in that statement. Zack loved this poem and was impressed that his grandfather wrote it, so I thought I would share.


When my day arrives
How happy I'll be
For my Lord's happy face
I know I'll see.

The trumpets will have sounded
My race has been run,
I'll be sitting in heaven
Beside God's only Son.

I want no one to grieve
Or have a sad face,
For I've gone on
To a much better place.

All my family and friends
I want you to know,
I've known for years
Where I'm going to go.

Everyone who knew me
Knows that I loved life,
But I'm free now
Of all trouble and strife.

I've enjoyed this world
For the time I've had here,
But I go to a better one
Without any fear.

The beauty of nature
All things in the wild,
I've loved them all
For a little while.

There's nothing more satisfying
Than to sit on the ground
To hear and see
All the things God put around.

The song of a bird,
The baying of hounds,
I've listened to nature
And heard wonderful sounds.

The world all around us
Is a beautiful place,
The sound of the wind
To the stars out in space.

No one knows
What waits around the bend,
So make that journey
With a "really" true friend.

Acquaintances are many
True friends are few,
Be careful my friends
What you say and do.

Cherish those true friends
They will be there for you,
As you travel through life,
Whatever you do.

My family I love
With all of my heart,
They have all been a blessing
Right from the start.

Don't cry for me
Don't put on a sad face,
For you know that I'm now
In a much better place.

I'm on the porch of a cabin
God built just for me,
Looking out over Heaven
From the shade of a tree.

There's a stream nearby
I can hear the water run,
The angels are singing
We're all having fun.

Your vision of Heaven,
With grapes on the vine,
Might be quite different
Than this vision of mine.

But make no mistake
Whatever you do,
Heaven is there,
Just waiting for you.

Enjoy your life
And make it worthwhile,
Because you'll only be here
For a very short while.

We're all alike,
We're sister and brother,
So be good to your neighbor
And love one another.

Heaven is wonderful
What a beautiful place,
And I know I got here
Through Love and God's Grace.

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