Sunday, January 27, 2013

short and sweet....

Zack woke up ready to head out to his friends house. He was gone all day and was actually feeling really well. Tomorrow he goes into the Cancer Center for labs to see what his hemoglobin count is. Hopefully it will be a short day and he will be able to return home quickly and enjoy the rest of his day. Donald will be going with him for company and should he need blood, we will then determine if we meet him in Asheville (for one of us to drive him home).

Frank spent the morning fishing and had a great time, though he said he nearly froze. I am still  having pain from the diverticulitis flare up, so I will go at lunch tomorrow to Urgent Care (they were closed today). I did manage to get the laundry done, fixed a delicious, healthy dinner and rested watching my favorite television shows. Hey, it takes a lot more than pain to keep me down.

Everyone enjoyed their day, Zack is in a great mood and feeling well . Donald is hanging out with him tonight, so we are all back home together. What more can I say about our day! YEAH!!!!!

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