Friday, January 11, 2013


We begin our day at the Cancer Center., it is full of tests and unfortunately for Zack he can't eat or drink until after the MRI, which is scheduled for Noon. Our first appointment was for labs at 8:30 am. Zack was so tired this morning that he fell asleep in the car and when we arrived at the Center he spread out across their couches and was almost asleep there. Of course, I had to take the photo opportunity. Instead of having his port accessed, he asked for an IV to be put in his arm. The labs came back showing  low hemoglobin so Zack was given one unit of blood. It took three and a half hours for the blood to be delivered and complete the transfusion. The Doctor came in and I just had to ask him why the need for another X-ray. Our concern is, of course, having had so much radiation and previous tests, what is the purpose of yet another one. The doctor explains that it is part of the procedure, but since we are not following a protocol for research, we are not "bound" to following everything. He consults with the other doctors and they tell us we don't really need to do the X-ray, this time. He does explain that all of these tests are to determine whether the cancer has returned and if it indeed does, they will need to be even more aggressive with the treatment. I asked if this does happen and he explained that in some cases it does, but they feel good about Zack's results because nothing has shown up at this point. Music to my ears. I have learned over and over again, that it's okay to question EVERYTHING! 

The statues outside the Reuter Center
The IV line kept getting an occlusion (blockage) so that delayed our departure time. The nurses called the Reuter Center and advised we were going to be a bit late. I hurriedly started to walk down one hallway, around the corner to the elevators.  Zack, lagging behind asks what's the hurry. I'm frustrated, he has had an attitude most of the morning, rolling his eyes, making comments about my good mood and snapping at me every now and then. I look at him and explain that yes, what he is going through really sucks, but there are people waiting for him and we have to be as close to the appointment time as possible.  I add that he is not to take it out on me. It only took a minute for his attitude to change, we started to joke about things. He explained that he was starving, so he came up with the one food he really was craving (buffalo wings) and once I researched where we could get them, he started smiling even more. More problems with occlusion's in his IV caused the nurses to install a new one in his hand, other than that, everything went smoothly. His MRI was completed in a little over an hour. As we exit we stop to look at the statues in front of the building. They already are so beautiful and the adorable part now are the hats and scarfs placed on each creation. There is an organization that makes and donates the hats and scarfs to the children at the Cancer and Reuter Center. Zack came home with one last week and it was beautifully made. 

We leave and go to TGI Friday's. After a delicious lunch we are back on the road for the next appointment, a CT scan at Mission Hospital. We register, go into Radiology and once I ask of a location where we can wait without a lot of people (the Hospital has restrictions due to the flu outbreak, so why take a chance and have Zack in a room full of people). We are escorted to a long hallway with skylights, it is bright and cheerful and quiet. Within minutes a nurse comes and brings us to another room where there are two recliners. She asks us to wait until the machine is ready for him and we settle in. Not long after the nurse comes out and takes Zack into another area. I was able to stay in the comfortable chair, so I was in my happy place. Since the CT was not with contrast dyes, Zack was finished within 20 minutes. He comes out with a big smile and says "we're done, let's get outta here!!" 

On the way home I decide to go to Mom's tonight. I was planning on spending the day with her and Bob tomorrow, but since Zack wanted to go and see his friends and Frank is heading out early to fish, I thought I might as well head over tonight. Though she had a good night's sleep last night, I offered to be backup in the event her throat closes again. I dropped Zack off at home, gave Frank and big hug and kiss and after packing an overnight bag was back on the road again. I arrived at Moms with her waiting at the door, purse on her shoulder and ready for me to take her to grab dinner. We returned with dinner and once finished Mom and I decided to continue our five games of Words with Friends. Mom was at her desk in the dining room and I was at the kitchen table on my laptop, each of playing against each other. After a couple of hours of playing the games, Mom decided it was time to head to bed. I am now resting comfortably on the couch and ready for a fun day with Mom. We don't have definite plans, but have both decided it will be fun, no matter what we do. 

Zack will have the weekend to complete his English paper and once I'm back home will do the quarterly and annual bookkeeping for Franks business. Frank is getting ready to work on another project in a couple of weeks, so he has a lot of planning to do. We are not scheduled to return to the Cancer Center until Tuesday, unless Zack feels he will need a transfusion before then. We are then scheduled to go into the Hospital for the week. 

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