Thursday, January 10, 2013

The "energy" coaster

What a "energy" coaster day! I had everything open at the office by 7:00 am and the patients were streaming in with smiles, New Year's greetings and questions about Zack's health, state of mind and school. I was happy to report that on every avenue, he is doing well this week. It's hard to describe how it feels to be asked repeatedly how he is doing and yet I am so grateful that people care enough to ask and offer their prayers and good wishes. When the answer is positive, I feel the energy bubbling inside and almost with a bounce share the good news. When the news is not so good, by the end of the day my energy is drained and I feel more despair and sadness. It's part of the energy coaster (my new phrase). My high's are very high and my lows can get very low. My "in between" mood is numbness. 

When I checked in with Zack he was tired, but feeling well. That is to be expected after having had a treatment just Tuesday. We are scheduled to have his labs drawn tomorrow to see if a blood transfusion is needed after all of his tests. So at least for today, all reports were good. 

I had some news last night that one of our dear family friends wife passed away (she was around my age) and unfortunately communication not being our strong suit, Frank failed to let me know in time for me to make it to the service. He felt so bad, he has been working on the indoor water feature and just simply forgot to tell me last week when he got the news. ( I found out on FB) I can't get angry, this is our life. We hear something, try and remember to tell the other and by the time we see each other it is out of our minds. When we are together we are discussing the next treatment, tests, finances or the ever important "what's for dinner". We both agreed today to work on better communication with regards to everything!

On my way to lunch I called Mom to tell her of her December booth sales. She was still shaken and asked if I had received her email (I had not). She had choked last night. She was asleep and her throat closed. She has been having problems with her hiatal hernia and evidently stopped breathing while in bed. She made it out into the hall and my brother was able to get her breathing again. How terrifying this must have been. I feel so blessed that he is there to help her out. I'm not sure what I would do if it weren't for him. A dear friend of hers reminded her about raising the head of the bed so that she is sitting up more while sleeping so I'm going to go there Saturday and put blocks (or something) under her bed to help her out.I haven't seen Mom in a couple of weeks now, so we are way overdue for a visit and with next week being the Hospital week, I need to make it over this weekend. 

On the way back from the restaurant, I saw our friends (Sammie and Kelly), who are moving to Tennessee. They told us that they are heading out on Wednesday, so we stood outside on the sidewalk hugging each other goodbye. They were / are so much fun to camp with, I'm not sure if we are even going to make it camping this year... but... that's still some time away. 

Just after lunch I received a call from Mission Hospital. They advised me that we did not qualify for any discount due to our income. I discussed my concern with both my representative at the hospital who is very sweet and the obnoxious lady at the "accounting" department of Mission. (Sue) simply stated that they MUST use this figure and that figure,. but couldn't explain why Transylvania Hospital (which THEY purchased over a year ago and now own) came up with a discounted rate for us based on the SAME figures! Not being at home where the information was and in a panic I called our accountant, but neither of us could come up with the figures originally used. I felt like someone punched me in the gut. Thank goodness Jessica was at work and calmly told me," it's all going to be okay, I just know it is!" She said " everything has a way of working itself out and to just let it go. " I then called Frank and told him the news, he too was very calm and said, not to worry, we will see what we need to do. Of course, knowing they did something wrong I told him I would fight it!! If the discount is good for one, it will be good for the other! It wasn't until I came home late tonight (Was playing catch up at work while everything was nice and quiet) that I was able to look through the papers from Transylvania (who approved a discount). They used our taxable income, while Mission was using the gross income. SO... I'm praying that tomorrow when I call, I will get a sweet, helpful, angel that is willing to treat us like humans.

Once I arrived home, I was greeted by Frank and Zack, (of course Sidi and Anubus too). They had fixed spaghetti for dinner, but I was so tired I simply had a bowl of cereal, hugged then goodnight and crawled in bed to blog.

 A couple of Moms friends asked her if I was tired of blogging, as I have skipped a few days here and there. I told Mom, no..... "I'm just tired". Have no fear, blogging is a perfect way for me to communicate with everyone. When I write, I feel as if all of my friends (one's I have met and have yet to meet) and family surround me as I share our experiences. We greatly appreciate the feedback, love, support and prayers from everyone. Anytime anyone wants to comment, they are welcome to do so as well. I Love hearing from everyone!!

Well, time to get some sleep. Tomorrow starts out very early and will be a long day in Clinic, Hospitals and Cancer Center. Be well everyone!!

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