Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who's ordering the Pizza?

   The past two days  the house has been filled with laughter, fun and positive, loving energy. Zack has had non stop visitors and yes even some that have stayed. With him going into the Hospital next week and his friends now back in school or working, they will not have much of a chance to come and see him, so, they come in one by one, with girlfriends, babies (yes li'l man is the youngest of the bunch at just four months), cousins, brothers and sisters. They are all a welcome sight, though we still haven't figured out how to feed this many without at least four large pizza's. They won't eat their vegetables or much else!

Zack and Donald being silly
    Zack is feeling well too. His color is good and with his schoolwork done, no more pressures. It's as if he is another person. Frank even pointed out last night that he always keeps in touch, keeps his curfew (which changes depending on how he is feeling and the weather), has been doing his chores after us just asking once, he will even come out to me and ask if there is anything we need from the store or if we need him to do anything. Donald is equally respectful as are all of Zack's friends. We haven't seen Drake until tonight. He has been doing a lot of catch up school work and that focus is more important. We want him to cross the stage with Zack too. 

    I had a bit of a melt down yesterday morning and immediately called Mom. I was feeling so many emotions that I couldn't separate real fears from imaginary. As always, Mom listened and then helped me pull myself together. Fear can debilitate you and that's not a place I want to stay for long, if at all! Nancy helped point out that when "we" have a bit of "normal", we are so busy living our lives in survival mode that we are lost when we can let our guard down. She was, and usually is, spot on! It wasn't long after that, I pulled out of it and was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

 The animals even got in the act this weekend. Anubis was caught drinking tea out of Franks glass (though she was too fast to photograph) and Sidi decided it was time to grab Frank by the pant leg and not let go. Frank was dragging him all over the living room, it was a sight to be seen for sure! I'm sure the animals know when we are down and they in turn are more mellow, when we lighten up, they are ready to entertain and contribute. 

      It is Sunday night and we have a full house yet again. Donald, his girlfriend Tiffany, Drake his girlfriend Kar, Leah and L'il man, Trenton, Chris and Mickey all have managed to fit in Zacks 10 x 12 room! The "boys" are playing video games, the girls flirting with the boys playing the video games and the baby is sleeping in our room, where it is quiet. Drake comes to me and asks if he can spend the night, then Donald, "Mamma, can I stay tonight?" There is no school tomorrow so how could we say no? Tonight, I go to sleep with a sense of peace. The house is clean. laundry done and yes, I did rearrange the living room again (nervous energy), the kids are having a great time and football is on for Frank (my team one today!! go 49ers!) It's has been a good three days!! 


  1. Good morning Kensinger/Fisher household :-)
    It's time to have a rest and sit glued to the TV, watching "fluff" just like Jeannot will do today!
    There cannot possibly be another speck of dust in your immaculate house anywhere, so grab a points cuddle each other and the furries!
    The rest of the week will bring it's own challenges and stresses, but promise me that today you will chill!
    Thinking of you all and sending hugs across the seas, Angela xx

  2. Thank you so much Angela!! You are right, an evening of TV and fluff sounds perfect!! Chilling as best we can!!! Hugs right back!!!