Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bah Humbug!!!

The day started out relaxing. I was the first to wake around 7:30, followed by Frank and much later Zack. Unfortunately we must wake him at 10 am for his shot. I walk in his room and he says "I know!!".  None of us have any plans for the day. I have a list of things I "must" do, but don't really have the desire to do anything at all. I just sit on the couch, fix a couple of frozen waffles for breakfast and start to catch up on more recorded shows. Our Directv box has been acting up, freezing during programs both recorded and live, so I know we are going to have to replace it, which means we won't have the shows we have recorded. 

Zack had brought in the Christmas boxes and they are strewn all over the living room. Usually this would drive me nuts, but today, I'm not even in the mood to decorate. The guys are quieter than usual. It isn't until later in the evening that I learn that Frank isn't feeling well again. Zack is in a bad mood because he has to do a lot of school work and we told him to get it done (again!!). Frank joins me on the couch to watch the shows and is very quiet. 

I am playing more games online, playing on Face Book when I get an email from Mom. Rhonda has been working non stop every day for the past two weeks. She is tired today and tells mom she will come tomorrow after work to take her grocery shopping.  I see that and immediately email that I am on my way to have lunch and take her shopping. Mom emails me back and tells me NO NO NO!!! Stay home and rest!! We have a "battle" via email and of course I win!! I let Rhonda know, not to worry about a thing, rest, I got it covered. I was so glad to get out of the house, since I had been sitting so much, my neck had started to hurt and I knew a little of exercise would do me some good. I asked Frank to load the leaf blower in my car so I could go and surprise my young sister in law by taking care of the leaves in her yard. Some think I'm  crazy to do that , but I love doing that type of work, you see instant results!  

I pick up Mom and we grab lunch. It's so nice to see her again. I worry about her. She takes everything that Zack (and we) are going through too much to heart. She is being overly empathetic and needs to release some (a lot) of the worrying she is doing. It is draining her energy and making her have to work twice as hard to think in a positive way. She is hurting a lot lately too. I'm not sure what is going on, I keep asking if she did something to hurt her back, but she says no I'm just tired. I know there is more going on than she is telling me, or maybe even she doesn't know. 

After lunch we head to the Aldi, one of our favorite places to shop for groceries. They originated in Germany, but I can remember going shopping with my Meme in Belgium at the Aldi right around the corner from her apartment when I was younger. Mom meets a couple there who are sharing their history and Mom is telling them about Belgian chocolates, cookies, etc... She seems to hear them well, so I leave her to visit as I finish grabbing a couple of items. Once we finish paying for the groceries I see Mom leaning on the counter. I encourage her to sit as I finish bagging all the food. (that is one way they save, no bagboys). We leave and head to another store to grab Bobby's drinks and wrapping paper. I quickly run into the pet store for dog food for Sidi. Mom tells me she had a wonderful day, but wants to me go as soon as I drop her off. She knows I still want to do Jamies yard and it will be dark soon. 

I drop off Mom and her groceries, give Bob and her a big hug and head over to do the leaves. She was right, within an hour it was getting dark and by the time I finished there was just enough light for me to see how to put the blower back in my car. It felt good to get out and do some things. I wish I could give my mind a rest, but the emotional stuff will be there for a while.

Once I am home, Frank tells me Zack is at his friends house for another camp fire. He did manage to get a lot of his school work done so he asked to go up for a couple of hours. The tree had not been decorated yet, so I started to pout a little.  I didn't want to do it alone, they didn't want to do it, maybe we just don't decorate this year! Frank got up and started to decorate apologizing that he had not even paid it any attention. It wasn't until much later that I realized (after much questioning) that he wasn't feeling well.  I started to hand him the ornaments and within an hour the tree was finished and beautiful! Zack returned home, had a great time and commented on how pretty the tree was. It was good to be back home and though the energy in the house is down, I know it will be back up as soon as Frank feels better.

I go into the room with some presents I have purchased for Christmas and go ahead an wrap them. I bought this pretty blue and white paper, all the presents are going to be that color this year. I finish wrapping everything and put them under the tree. Again, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Every day I must stay on top of things as much as possible. We never know what each day will bring and it is more tiring to "catch up", than to stay on top of things. Tomorrow Frank and Zack will go to radiation and then look at the trucks. Tonight Zack is talking about the yellow Dodge (my favorite), so we shall see. Let's hope it is an easy day for us all!

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