Friday, November 2, 2012

"Mom, will my eyes stay this way?"

Yes, this photo describes our day perfectly! Zack and I headed out for radiation first thing this morning and were finished by 10:30 am. I headed across the street to the Hospital to see a friend who is now okay and back home. We then head to Hendersonville to see Mom and pick up her jewelry for her booth on Main Street here in Brevard (Eclectic Cottage on Main Street).

Momo went with us for lunch at Denny's (where the the goofy photo was taken). Zack has been tired, but other than that he was feeling well. He hasn't had a blood transfusion in a couple of weeks (the week off, really helped his body heal) and is still going strong. We were both glad to be able to spend some time with Mom and see Uncle Bob. 

Once we were finished with lunch we went to a couple of stores to try and find a pair of overalls that would actually fit Zack. We finally were able to find a pair and THIS is where THIS photo opportunity came from. Zack was trying on cowboy hats, yes, he now wants one. I decided to show him how I looked in one and he said "AH....... NO!".  Hey we were having fun, so why not share the good times too! Our shopping was trip was short as Zack was getting tired fast. They did say the radiation treatments could do that, so we were not surprised. As Mom and Zack sit in the car, I run into the local salvage store to see if they carry kitchen doors. I have decided that I could replace the doors instead of the entire kitchen, (something that we are not in a position to do for quite awhile).  Both Zack and Mom tease me about NOT buying floor tile, NOT buying sinks, or anything else.. I tell them I have left my purse in the car and we all get a good laugh! I return about ten minutes later with excitement, they do carry the doors and at $5.00 a piece affordable for sure. Of course that is going to be a project for a little later, maybe a good winter project. 

Once we go back to Mom's house, Zack lays down and takes a short nap. Wanting to get a little exercise, I vacuum up some of the leaves in Moms yard. She bought this new gadget last year at my request. It is so much fun, it mulches the leaves as they are vacuumed up into the bag. I know, it doesn't take much to thrill me. After about an hour, Zack and I head home, order a pizza and Frank joins us for a movie on TV.

All said, it was a very nice, calm day. The weather was beautiful, company great and seeing my "boy" smile and be silly made my day! 

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