Monday, November 5, 2012

Who you calling OCD?

The past couple of days have been filled with house cleaning, leaf blowing, laundry and school work and on Monday work.  Zack finally received his report card with all A's. He is wondering why he got all top grades when he is behind in turning in all his work. I explain that the grades are based on what he has turned in to date. I know the teachers are cutting him some slack and not setting deadlines. He still has to complete everything by Christmas vacation when this semester is finished. He will then be a graduate, but will wait to cross the stage with his friends in May/June. He just finished his Senior Paper, which is a requirement in our school system. There is usually a project attached to the paper, but since his car caught on fire and his project was to paint it,  he was exempt. 

Zack's mood has been pretty good. He gets tired faster than in previous days. This is something we were told to keep an eye on, "normal' after radiation, is what they tell us. I checked out the area on the back of his leg and it looks pretty good. No signs of blistering, though we have been advised that it could take up to ten days after treatment to show up. This morning he went with Drake, who had asked his Dad if he could take the day off from school to take him to his treatment. They arrived and were already back in town by 11 AM. A short day, which Zack loves! We aren't sure what tomorrow is going to bring, He and I will go for radiation first at 9am and then at 11am we are to be upstairs at the center for chemotherapy. His color is off a bit, so we're hoping they don't have to give him another blood transfusion. He isn't thrilled when he has to have them, mostly because it can take up to two to three hours just for the blood to arrive and then another two for the transfusion. 

Even though he goes for radiation daily, we already have friends lined up for this week to bring  him when we are not able. Everyone is so eager to help and we're not surprised. We have always known how amazing our friends and family are. A day doesn't go by that we are not grateful for so much good that is coming to us.

I made it to my counseling / acupuncture appointment today. After having to cancel twice previously, it was nice to be able to share, though I really didn't feel the "need" today as things have been running pretty smoothly. As I'm talking with Jim and telling him how everything is under control, he looks at me and before I knew what hit me, I realize that my OCD was back... with a vengeance. As I'm telling him what I have been doing lately, he asks what have you changed about your schedule? My response? "Nothing". Okay, so I haven't taken the time to really think about that statement until today. I realize keeping busy means not to have to REALLY think about our situation, something I do very well. Even Zack says to me "Mom, I had my shot, I did my schoolwork, I did the trash and dishes, can you please throw MY list away! OCD Much?"  So, my homework for the next month is to rest when tired, not jump up and create something else to do. Maybe even let some things go undone and take the time to breathe and just "be". Yea.... I'll let you know how THAT goes!

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