Monday, November 19, 2012

Simply Amazing!

Simply Amazing!! He's just so amazing! "We never know what he is going to do next." That's what the nurse at the Cancer Center said to me on the phone today. Zack's counts were up to 11.1. That is the highest it's been in a long time. They can't believe it, of course nothing surprises me when it concerns Zack. He has shown us over and over how much of a fighter he is, how well he can handle any situation put in his path to date. Melanie took Zack for his radiation and then labs. She was so excited about the counts that she immediately texted me to let me know he was in great shape. We are all so excited because it is so unusual to have such high counts after a week of chemo and radiation.  His body is healing fast and will continue to do so through the course of treatments, that's been consistent so far.

We are so lucky to have friends and family that can take Zack for his treatments when we are unable to do so. He seems to touch so many people and I am constantly reminded by everyone how proud and amazed they are at how he is handling everything. We are all given certain circumstances in life and how we handle them is what makes us who we are. Every day I know more and more that Zack will be just fine because of the way he handles what is thrown in his path. From the diagnosis of cancer, to not being able to drive his first truck, to the car catching fire and on and on... He deals with it and moves on.

He returned home fairly early and started in on his schoolwork. Zack was asking me tonight how he could earn some money. They are going to look at another truck this Friday and he knows he is going to have to put a little money into it for some of the "frills" he wants. I won't jinx it by giving out too much information, but  when he asked if I could find some work for him (he isn't able to get a job like his friends, because of his schedule and current limitation due to treatments)  I told him I would pay him to do his schoolwork. Hey, why not? He has to do it, can't do much else, so why not relieve some of my stress and help him earn money.

I received a lot of help from case workers during lunch today. Tomorrow I have phone consults set up to discuss our options regarding my father in law. When one door closes another opens and we were fortunate enough today to have three doors open with people that are more than willing to help us out. Having gone through all of this with my own father, I remember all too well the hoops one must jump through, but if you have people behind you willing to take the time to help it makes the journey easier. Our goal is to keep him in the nursing home where he currently resides. He would really love to be home, but that is just not an option. He requires 24 hour care and none of us are in a position to handle him.

Well, I better sign off for now. Rest is needed for tomorrow. A full but fun day hanging out with my "little buddy" Zack, and Mom. So excited too, this week we get to see a long "not so lost" friend who is up for the Holidays. I can't wait to see her and her family!!  Yeah!!!

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