Sunday, November 18, 2012

What will this week bring............

We are finally home, having spent the night in our own beds was heaven. Zack had a good night's sleep, me not so much. I have so much going on in my head, I go to sleep with a headache and wake up with one. I feel the pressure of those who need me and don't think I can say no. They have done so much to help us and in the areas where they need help, I have become an expert. (Social services, Nursing home problems and dealing with doctors who want to discharge my father in law when he absolutely has no business going home.) It isn't even Monday yet and I'm looking forward to Thursday. NOT a good way to start the week! I have to work on my attitude!

It wasn't until this morning that I realized how beautiful the house looked. Walking into the living room I did notice a gas heater in front of the gas log fireplace. We had been talking for the past two years about getting one as it is a lot more efficient at heating the house, especially when the power goes out in the winter. Frank was able to get a great deal on one and wanted to surprise me when I returned home. Frank, even still very weak from being so sick, had the house spotless, dinner ready (we had already eaten at the hospital - poor guy), clean sheets on the beds. All I had to do was crawl into bed, we didn't even unload the car until this morning. 

I managed to find the energy to wash three loads of laundry and spent the rest of the day napping and playing games on my laptop. Zack worked on his schoolwork and had a friend come visit him for awhile. Frank was planning on blowing the leaves, but never had the energy to do so. I didn't make it to the office to decorate, I figure this weekend will be perfect as I will have four days off and will be able to get Zack's help with hanging the lights. I love to tease him, he can hang most of the lights on the outside of the building without using a ladder. I did manage to finally get all of the statement in order, in their respective folders and now feel I have some organization. Now when the statements come in (four to five daily) I have a place to keep them straight. Everyone has been very nice to work with regarding payments and discounts after insurance. I even had an old credit card debt cut in half for early pay off.  More blessing all around. 

We made arrangements with Melanie (Zack's other mom) to take Zack for his radiation tomorrow and for his Neulasta shot. We are so lucky to have backup for the days when we aren't able to do so. Everyone has been so eager and pleased when we ask for help. The day should be short, especially since they let us leave the hospital early, I'm sure he won't need a transfusion since he just had a triple. I told Mel that he needs to come home immediately after to do his schoolwork. He only has four weeks left of school and has a lot to catch up on. 

Tuesday we pick up Mom, head to radiation therapy and then take Mom to her Urologist for her kidney checkup. (She had kidney cancer and we were so blessed, they took out the kidney and the cancer was gone, no chemo or radiation needed.) I also have a 4 pm meeting with Linda (Mother in law) and my brother in laws and sister in laws to meet with the nurses, case worker and doctor. The staff want to send my father in law home. He still needs 24 hour care and they "think" he will be just fine. Idiots!!! The fun part of Tuesday is going to the Biltmore House employee dinner with Mom and Rhonda. It is held on the property where we will get to see the decorated trees, other Christmas decorations and be treated to a wonderful time. I seem to have to force myself to go out for fun and glad that Frank told me I needed to go. He reminded me that a little fun can go a long way, so I'm taking him up on his suggestion. 

I just tonight decided to fix a Thanksgiving meal for us, Mom, Rhonda, Jamey and the kids. I am having a hard time getting into the "spirit" of the Holidays and know that Zack is really excited about Christmas this year.I figure this will help get us all in the spirit.  He knows that he doesn't have to be in the Hospital (well, let me rephrase this... WE WILL NOT ALLOW him to be in Hospital during Christmas). Even the nurses said that they will not force the treatment during the Holidays, they know that it is the hardest time to be "stuck" and they can postpone is for one week. (they already have before, because of his counts)

Knowing that I have asked Zack to change his attitude when going into the hospital, I am going to practice what I preach and try very hard to work on mine this week. I know getting much needed sleep  will be a big help, not to mention being back home with us all under one roof,  healthy and no chemotherapy this week. 

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