Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let is snow....

Okay, so I start the day with plans to meet Rhonda and Mom for a day of shopping. I wake up to an email from Mom saying she isn't feeling quiet well and not sure if I should be near her, she goes on to tell me that Rhonda will pick her up and take her shopping. So, I call Mom and tell her that I have to come that way to get groceries and Super Bowl party food and will stop by to give her a quick hug. (having spent two hours in the ER and not catching anything, I'm thinking I will be just fine). As soon as I hang up from Mom and take a shower, the phone rings. It is Rhonda, "you aren't going to believe this! I have a flat tire all the way to the rim!" At this point, we both start laughing. Rhonda has been trying to get to see Mom and take her shopping for over a week, but obstacles keep getting in the way. I tease her and tell her she made the flat tire happen, so she didn't have to take Mom shopping. Since I am going there anyway, it's no big deal. I called Mom and told her I was on my way.

Mom and I had a great day together. It's been a couple of weeks since we have seen each other. We had such a great time catching up and it looks like we might be able to spend next Tuesday together again. She has been under the weather for a couple of days, but managed to make it through two stores accomplishing our goal of grocery shopping.  We had a wonderful late lunch and finished up just in time for the snow to start falling. 

Zack was full of energy this morning. He woke up early and was ready to go and work with Austin to dig holes and plant at Franks latest job site. He was so excited about going to the Motor cross tonight, unfortunately he wasn't able to go as we had a snow "storm" (1/4 inch) come through late in the afternoon. The roads were probably safe enough for him to travel, but not having much experience yet in this type of weather and not really wanting him to drive in the dark we told him to stay at Drake's for the night instead. At least he can be with his friends. Of course, he sends me this picture of him and Donald licking the snow off a tree. Teenagers!!! Too funny!!!

frank worked a bit and had visits from two of his best friends, Jeff and Hans (both from out of town). So his day was perfect as well. When all is said and done, it seems that we all did what we wanted and enjoyed every minute of our day. Tomorrow is our annual Super Bowl Party where our friends and family will gather around a large pot of chili and tons of snacks!! Go 49ers!!!

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