Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seriously? Really? Is THIS happening now???

Saturday was pretty much a relaxing day for us all.  I stayed home and relaxed, while Zack and his friends prepared for the Monster Truck Show at the Agricultural Center. There are now going to be four going. Drake, Donald, Zack and a friend of Donald's from Hendersonville, Jordan. They all agreed to meet at the Ag Center entrance. The house was full of guys talking about the show, girlfriends, breakup and breakdowns. There is certainly more drama in the Kensinger - Fisher house, more than we really want, so a couple of times I had to lay down the law and tell them "Leave the drama at the door." 

The guys left the house around 5:30 pm and agreed to text me when they arrived. (Of course Zack promptly forgot to do so). Frank and I settled in for the evening with the latest James Bond  movie on pay per view. Mid way through the movie the driveway alarm sounds. We look at each other and with an expression of sadness, KNOW that it is Zack. Sure enough, in walks Zack, Donald and Drake. It is only an hour and half into the show, so we know something happened. Zack sits down and proceeds to explain to us just what happened. Thirty minutes into the show, he went to the front door with Donald and asked to have his hand stamped so he could go outside for fresh air and return. Donald also asked to go out and get a coat from the truck. Donald's hand was stamped, then the guard told Zack he needed to go to the smoking area for fresh air. Zack explained that he is under chemo care for cancer and isn't supposed to be around smoking. The guy got within inches of his face, looked him up and down and said "if you go out, you don't come back in." Zack asked if he could then, go and get something out of his truck, just as his friend was allowed, the guy asked "what do you need from your truck." Zack responded, "nothing, I just need to get fresh air for a minute and it looks like that's the only way I can go out." The guard, repeated his previous comment, so Zack opened the front door and went and sat in his truck. he let his friends know where he was, but told them to stay in, he was fine!! Of course, being the amazing friends they are, they didn't want to stay if he couldn't enjoy the show, so they came out and returned home.  I immediately called the Ag. center and left a message for the manager, then wrote an email to both managers and marketing directors of the Agricultural Center and Monster Truck Enterprises. We shall see what, if anything is their response. Zack was angry and I just couldn't believe the treatment. It doesn't even matter if he knew or didn't know that Zack was under care, but to treat each person differently, doesn't cut it. Poor Frank didn't even have a chance to react, I just jumped right in there and took charge. As I posted on Face Book later that evening, "No one messes with my boys!" There was no other way to end the evening, we all just went to bed hoping tomorrow would be better for them all. 

Sunday, was the start of a new day. Frank went fishing with Matt and Mitch. Zack and Austin were to go to work for the day. Donald who is still with us, went to help another friend for a couple of hours. As I started to clean up the house I get a call from Zack, who is out of breath. He said he didn't feel well and wanted to know if he could come home. I know that Frank and Zack have an agreement, if Zack doesn't feel well, he is to return home, no questions asked. I remind him of that and tell him to come home. When he arrives, about thirty minutes later he lays on the couch, I put a blanket on him as he has the chills and he takes his temperature. It is 99.8 degrees. We know if it hits 100 we are to call the doctor and possibly go into the hospital. I cover him and go back into his room to finish vacuuming. Within 20 minutes I come out and check on him again, he is shivering even more. He takes him temperature, looks at me and holding the thermometer towards himself says "shit!".  I say "100?" He says "101, let's go!" We already have a bag packed for each months hospital stay, so I grab that, he throws some clothes in a suitcase, I throw some clothes in my bag and we are out the door.

We arrive at the hospital within an hour and half after the initial phone call to the doctor. I drop Zack off at the main entrance and go to park the car. Once I arrive on the third floor (pediatrics), I locate his room and he is laying there waiting for them to come and take his vitals. The Doctor comes in and orders blood tests. His concern is pneumonia, but it could also be viral. He says at this point it is a guessing game, but our primary concern is to keep him hydrated. We won't know any results for at least 24 hours. When he listens to Zacks back and chest, it appears to be clear. His cough is dry, which tells me it is not pneumonia, but I'm not a Doctor. The team doesn't seem to concerned. They say it is unusual for him not have been in here earlier in his treatment with an infection. especially the intense treatment he is undergoing. The Doctor tells us that he will stay in Hospital until this clears up and if his counts are still up high (as they were on Friday) we will move right into his next chemo treatment (which was scheduled for this Tuesday).

His port is accessed twice. The first time Will could not access it easily, this is not uncommon for Zack. His likes to "dance" and move around a bit, making it harder for them to locate. Once accessed, he is started on antibiotics and IV fluids. I order a couple of mattress' for on the floor in preparation for a long week. Later in the day, when the coughing increases he is given Benedryl. They are not yet sure if it is viral or bacterial, but say it is always better while on chemo to start immediately, as the body has no way of fighting off infection. He sleeps quite a bit during the day which is good for him. The more he can rest the easier it is for his body to heal. 

At dinner time, Rhonda calls in response to my request for company for the meal. We go to the cafeteria as I don't want to be far away from Zack. I leave my cell phone number just in case they need to reach me. We are able to have a relaxing dinner and when we return to the room Zack is sound asleep. Rhonda and I start to watch Oscar pre-show and later the Oscars. Zacks temperature stays right at 100.3 for most of the day. He is started on is second set of antibiotics. It is now 9:30 pm and the mattress' still haven't arrived. When I ask a nurse at the nurses station, she simply says "housekeeping doesn't have time to get them." I realize when I walk Rhonda downstairs to the exit all the rooms which were previously empty are now full. Housekeeping must be working over time to clear everything up. Rhonda offers several times to bring back a comforter, but I don't want her to go through all she must to get it back in. She and I say goodbye and I return to the room. The nurse apologizes about the mattress and says they are trying to locate some. There is a quiet knock on the door about thirty minutes later and it's Rhonda. She is standing there with her comforter and down pillow, as well as a little bag with oat meal, hot chocolate packet and tea bags. She had to go through security, have her picture taken, a badge created with her name as well as Zack's name all just to bring me up a couple of special items to make my stay more comfortable. Of course I told her she would never see her comforter again, it is beautiful and would look grand on our bed at home. I don't think she will go for it!!!

As the evening wraps up, Zack wakes up, sits in the chair, complains about his body aches and just as quickly goes back to bed. He is grumpy, which is totally understandable. Instead of being here for five days, he will more than likely be here for seven. We are grateful that he has not had to be in here before now, but wish he never had to be here at all.  I prepare for bed and review all the many loving messages on Facebook, Texts and Emails. With so many friends and family standing beside us, we feel so loved!

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  1. I hope you had some sort of sleep last night and things are looking better this to both of you xxx