Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday PM and Thursday Updates ....

Just as I signed off from Wednesday's blog the "excitement" for the evening started. This time it was positive! Zacks' friends Drake and Donald came to visit, though they were only able to stay a short while (school night) it gave Zack the boost he needed! Once they left another set of friends came in. This time it was Chris, Austin and a little later Trenton. These are the comedians of the group. At some point we were all laughing so hard, we had to intentionally stop so Zack could stop coughing. One of the boys commented on how "this is how we talk around the campfire, and YOUR Mom is sitting right there!" I reminded him that nothing phases me and it is just so cool to be included in their time with Zack. The quick witted Austin, who when I reprimanded him saying "don't make me change your diaper", immediately responded with "again?" I was on the phone with Nancy and we both couldn't stop laughing. 

Earlier Zack had shown me a post that one of his friends since childhood (Sam) posted on the class' senior page. It read something like "One of our fellow seniors, Zack Fisher is in the hospital, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers". Zack was beaming!! He said "Mom, he mentioned me on the Senior page on FB!"  It is the little things that mean so much to him. Just his friends acknowledging that they are thinking about him and their visits help to break up the monotony of being stuck in a room... with your parental unit at that !!!

Shortly after the "boys" left, Frank arrived with dinner in hand for the both of them. It was around 8 pm and I was more than ready to get on the road. My throat had started to hurt and I just wanted to grab dinner,  which I promptly ate in the car , make a quick run by the office to get a few things ready for in the morning (you can take the girl out of the office, but never the OCD out of the girl!) and by 9:30 I was home. I threw in a load of laundry we had worn at the hospital, and as soon as it was ready for the dryer, crawled in bed and watched a couple of my pre recorded shows. Before going to bed I texted Frank, who told me that Zack was still with the "regular" 99.8 temperature. With this information, I knew I could get a half decent night's sleep.

I awoke this morning at 6:15 am. My throat and sinuses don't feel so hot, but I know once I take a hot shower I will feel a bit better. I am back in fear mode. What if I am sick, I must stay with Zack, how do I protect him? Will I make him sicker? I then realized that I could potentially make myself worse by letting the fear guide me. I got ready, loaded all the bags of clothing, food, of course my Keurig and headed off to work saying goodbye to my faithful Sidi.

I arrive at the office by 6:45 and am happy to be back.  I immediately call Frank to find out how the night had gone. He said Zack's fever never went above 99.8. Which is high for him, but not the 102 - 103 they were "expecting". I was so relieved! Again he has proven that he is the exception to the rule! Later we find out from the Doctors visit, that if he didn't have a spike in fever, it more than likely is not fungal. We now must wait for the results to return from the lab, which should be tomorrow.

It was a great day and just what I needed. There were jokes flying around, love and positive, healing energy. So many people already knew what was gong on and offered prayers and support should we need anything. It's not something that everyone would understand, but it is something that I value highly in the face of our current journey. I finished out the day around 6:30 pm. Everything is ready in the event I can't return to work Monday (the plan is for Frank to come Sunday night, so I don't miss work, but we never know what is around the corner). Nancy and I had a great lunch of sushi and egg rolls. We were able to catch up on so much, she shared the fund raiser and how exciting it sounds!! I hope she and Sue know just how much we appreciate everything. It is A LOT of work to put one of these together and they are co chairing the event  beautifully.

On my way back to hospital, I stop at the local grocery store with a list of requested items to snack and drink from Zack. He sounds in good spirits, but also ready to feel better. He is coughing a lot still and is bored. All he has been doing is watching Horror flicks. He told me that he is getting jumpy when he hears a door close now. I told him to watch comedy as well, that laughing is healing! He reminded me that laughing makes him cough, I guess screaming like a girl doesn't!! Ha ha, NOT!!! Rhonda has called and asked if we needed anything, she is working so hard to make sure we are comfortable. I tell her I have yet another large load of groceries, clothes and of course my coffee maker. She agrees to meet me in the parking lot and when I arrive, is even holding the perfect spot for me. We trek upstairs, through the freezing cold (of course me without a coat!! dumb!!!) and unload everything in the room.

Zack starts to eat his dinner which I brought as I start to unpack. Knowing that there is just a little amount of food in the parents room, I had purchased hot chocolate packs and oat meal to put in the basket. I had boiled a dozen fresh eggs (from this morning) at the office and put them in a baggie with our name on them. There is just enough room in the tiny refrigerator for our food, but at least part of what we eat is going to be healthy. Rhonda makes another trip to my car for my Keurig and K-cups and once she returns gives me a hug and is on her way. We are so lucky that she lives right across the street.

I finish setting everything up, drink a swig of my Nyquil in hopes that it will knock whatever I have right out of the ballpark. For fun I mark up the nurses board where they had already had fun and crawl into bed. Zack is so sweet, he is thanking me for everything I have done and do for him. He makes it easy to take care of, he is not so demanding and pretty much does his own thing. We all can't wait for tomorrow's results. We did find out that his counts are very good, so his body is still able to continue fighting this off, even if partially.

Well time to get some rest. Continued blessings come our way through the multiple forms of communication!! Be well, until tomorrow!!!

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