Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The ring is ordered!!

We received an electronic notification regarding cap and gown pictures this Friday. This prompted me to contact the school via email. The only form of communication which seems to work these days. We were advised that Zack would receive "Senior" notifications via email and to keep checking his account. Without this call, we would not have known that not only are these pictures this Friday (which due to the cost, we have decided not to do), we are past due for the Senior ring order, cap and gown, as well as invitations order.

I didn't feel too bad though as Chris' Mom, Melanie, called me today and asked if I knew the details about Friday's pictures. She too had not received the information, however, hers was due to Chris not bringing home the documents. Yup, it's a teenage "guy" thing. 

Zack and I met for brunch at our local Huddle House. He was picking up Donald, but I asked if it could just be the two of us. I wanted to get his feelings on the whole graduation ceremony and all that it entails. He told me he really didn't care about his cap and gown pictures and after having spoken with Melanie, decided it would be just as great to take the pictures our selves  We could use the $200.00 in other areas for him. He shared that he would really like to have a Senior ring and since he doesn't really ask for much, we felt that would be well deserved.  Once we finished out brunch, we drove up to Main Street and ordered his ring through our local jeweler. He choose a blue sapphire stone, with a "B" emblem inserted. On either side will be automotive and a deer as his interests, his full name will be engraved on the inside (Zachariah Isaiah Kensinger Fisher) We both laughed and said it's a good thing his ring size is 15 1/2. 

We headed back to our respective vehicles and parted ways. I went to the high school to pick up the "Senior packet" which consists of cap and gown order form, invitations, tassel, key rings, pretty much anything you could want for graduation is listed. I didn't feel like rushing home just yet, so I went to the check out the thrift stores to find treasures. After going to six stores, I came out with a Revere Ware large frying pan for $5.00 and candle holder for $2.00. Not bad for an afternoons entertainment. Zack picked up Donald and headed home to wash and clean out his truck. He is so proud of it and takes very good care to keep it in the best shape. 

The rest of the day and evening was spent resting and playing video games. My sinus' have starting acting up, so I slept for about three hours, I even broke down and bought hot wings (if it helps Zack with his chemo, maybe it will knock my sinus' back in shape). He couldn't stop laughing at me, as I ran through the house on fire. Frank hollered for Zack to get me bread and he tosses a roll into the air across the room , which I promptly grab and crammed it in my mouth. It worked though!!! My sinus' cleared up pretty fast!!!(Smile)

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