Monday, February 4, 2013

"Mom, There isn't anything I can't handle"

It is Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday to be specific! This is the one time a year that I actually sit and watch the game and get totally absorbed in who is winning/loosing. What this also means in our house is another excuse for a friendly get together with friends and family. Every year we pull out the over sized stainless steel pot designed and built years ago by Frank's Dad for his Mom. We were lucky enough to inherit this when she passed away. We fill the pot half way with chili, which has also become a staple for this particular party, in fact some come just for the chili (or so we have been told.)

Zack is feeling really well and has invited several of his friends over. In fact, he spent most of the day running around with his friends and returned home just in time for the party to start. We usually have about 20 - 30 people, but this year, with several of our friends or their kids being sick, they had to back out at the last minute. In order to protect Zack, everyone has been amazingly understanding about not being around when they are sick. We ended up with about seven kids and seven adults, it was actually the perfect intimate get together. We were all able to have the perfect view of the TV and there was more than enough food for all! 

What I found interesting was there is still some that don't understand exactly what it is that all of Zack's treatments entail. They don't understand the seriousness of the condition and though we have a good prognosis, it will still be years of  tests and monitoring before we will actually be able to breath normally again, if ever! One parent actually said they just didn't want their child to be subjected to the experience, they don't need to understand this, they are young and have their whole life to understand cancer. I could only come to the conclusion that some people either just really don't care or it is too painful for them due to their own history. Either way, I have learned that it has nothing to do with us, this is our journey and I pray no one ever has to go through this with their child. I did receive confirmation from one of our guests that the young lady, who's mother I met a couple of weeks ago, does in fact have bone cancer. I don't know any of the details, but know that this is something the Cancer Center can handle and we know they are going to be receiving the best possible care and of course our prayers. 

The party lasted until near the end of the game, around 9:30 pm. Zack had asked if he could spend the night at Drake's as he was going to take Lea for an errand early in the morning. Since we knew he would not have to be anywhere until Wednesday, we went ahead and told him he could go. The house fell quiet and there was still lots of chili left (even with sending every guest home with a gallon size baggie full of chili). Frank and I quickly cleaned the kitchen and sat down to watch the rest of the game. 

It is now Monday, which starts early. I get ready and am at work by 6:30 am. I had gone in for a couple of hours yesterday to re do the counter tops and desk top. By the time I left, I had no time to vacuum the office, so I was on a mission this morning.  

The day went rather smoothly for me. The energy at the office is positive and we are all back on the "same page" with regards to our goal. It feels great when we are all a team! I'm amazed at how quickly we can regain our focus and work together. I am learning that my stubbornness can be to my own detriment.  Being right or having things my way are no longer as important to me, I don't want to give that any more energy. I need my health and energy to stay on a positive path as we still have a long haul in front of us with regards to Zacks treatments. At lunchtime I went for my counseling / acupuncture therapy. Jim worked on the digestive issues and was very impressed with my change in "thought patterns." I agree, I too am proud of my changes. We agree to meet again in a month with me continuing on my current path. 

Zack came and went a couple of times during the day. I had made arrangements with him to haul off all the trash from the house, knowing this would mean a truck full (Frank operates his business from home, so we tend to accumulate a lot of debris from the job sites). Zack was eager to please and with a bounce in his step handled his task. Later in the day I needed him to run an errand for the office and again, he was there ready and willing to help. This is usually a sign that he is feeling well. When he is grumpy or snaps is usually a sign of him not feeling well.  We agreed that he could hang out with his friends until 9:30 and was to return home alone.  Since he has been surrounded by his friends all weekend and his sleep has been off, we knew we needed to force him into resting tonight.

Frank put in a full day on his latest contract. He is sore, but pleased with it's progress. We have left over chili for dinner and settle in to watch a couple of our favorite shows. Zack returns in time to tell me of his various exploits (falling down the stairs at Drakes while moving furniture, his knee joint going out ). I simply listen, don't react and ask if he is okay. He looks at me and says "Mom, there isn't anything I can't handle!" "Son, I trust me, I know you can, you are my miracle child."

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  1. I missed coming to the annual Super Bowl Junk Food party. Frankly, I come for the dip and dancing with you, Sabi, to the music at halftime. This year the boys were in town (from Durham and Old Fort) so we did our thing here in Asheville. It sounded like a great game to watch!

    Knowing most of the people who come for this annual Fisher-Kensinger event, I can't imagine any one of them saying they didn't want to come so they didn't have to explain what's going on with Zack to their child. Huh!? Keeping their child away from Zack because of that. I don't understand.

    Hard to hear the news about the girl and the bone cancer.

    See you all today!

    Love y'uns