Sunday, September 16, 2012

Home again, Home again

Zack wakes up ready to go home, as am I. Though he didn't have as bad a reaction to the treatments as before, we are ready to be back to our normal routine. Rhonda asked that I meet her at the hospital cafeteria for breakfast and since we don't yet have our "walking papers", Zack tells me he will let me know when we do. We meet in the lobby and walk down the long halls to the Cafeteria.  Rhonda remembers it from when Mom had her surgery, but I think it was in St. Josephs. Hospital halls all seem to look so similar, you forget where you have been before. I don't remember the photos when Mom had her surgery. While eating breakfast I see Chris, he is Zack's day nurse. He tells me that Doc S. has discharged Zack, all he has to do is sign the papers. 

Rhonda heads out to meet her sons at Biltmore House (where she starts back to work on Monday) and  I'm headed upstairs to bring my boy back home. Zack is discharged at 11 am. We are already packed and ready. All we have to do is have Chris remove the IV from Zack's port and head downstairs. On the drive home, Zack was quiet. He wasn't feeling well from the drive and was anxious to get home. The closer we got to the house, the more he talked. It was kind of funny. I knew he was getting excited about being home, seeing his car. Unfortunately it was short lived. We ate lunch and he is ready to head out when I stop him and tell him school work first! This is when I hate to be the heavy, but he knew that was going to happen and as it turns out he "thought" I wouldn't follow through. He went into his room and has been doing his work, well most of it any way. He is also napping in between.n

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the start of another work week. Frank is taking Zack to the clinic for his Vincristine shot so I won't have to run back to Asheville again so soon. I am hoping for a normal, steady day. I need normal. We all need normal, even if it's just for one day! 

I get a call from Nancy. She, Steve and Allie fixed us a meal fit for a king. They brought it over shortly after the call. It consists of Chicken Parmesian, pasta, broccoli , garlic bread and fresh made peanut butter brownies. How nice it is not to think about dinner. I have been eating out so much my body is screaming for "good" food. Tonight, thanks to the Cagen clan, we will have just that. Too bad Frank and Zack won't get any. I know... I'm a clown!

I will sign off for now, eat the delicious feast and go to sleep in my nice,warm, comfortable bed. We are down one more month of treatments and our boy is still an amazing teacher to us all.

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