Friday, September 21, 2012

"I'm just here for the ride!"

So our "Fun" Friday didn't turn out quite so fun. I wake up for the second day with even more pain in my intestines. Child birth was easier! Zack was trying to get a couple of his friends to go with him to the clinic, but without luck, so I buck up! he is my priority. I decide I can wear my mask, my temperature is normal, so I don't feel I'm contagious. I call Mom and tell her we are on our way, (she too has a doctors appointment right around the corner from the clinic). I'm moving very slowly, with every move is a sharp pain.

We arrive at Moms house'a just in time to learn that he Doctor had to cancel her appointment. She decides she wants to come along for the "ride", little does Mom realize what today's ride was going to be. During the car ride, Mom tries to convince me to go to Urgent Care (I had already called my OB, but he couldn't help me). I tell her, "let's just wait and see".

We arrive at the clinic. Zack is all excited, he "knows" we are going to be in and out of the clinic. Just taking his labs and we are out heading on to the fun part of the day. Wrong!!! Within an hour Melanie walks in and with a sad look, tell us he needs two units of blood. She tells us that she is surprised he is doing as well as he has been. Since he doesn't like us to mention his color, I have almost stopped looking or reacting. He was quite pale, no color in his lips at all, but his energy level has been great so we are surprised at the news. He tried to be cool and said "okay," but the minute Melanie left, his eyes teared up and he covered them with his hat. He became angry and said he was fed up with "surprises". 

Knowing that we were going to be there for several hours and the pain increasing, I decided to go ahead and go to urgent care. Melanie told me Zack was getting Benedryl which would pretty much knock him out and she would make sure Zack was okay.Mom being there added another level of security for me. 

Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care was only 9 miles away, so if anything I could run right back. I knew at this point I needed to do something, this wasn't getting better and I better not end up in the hospital, that wouldn't help anyone! The entire staff at Urgent Care was so caring. They did the exam, took three x-rays and determined that it was diverticulitis, their original concern was a blockage but that all checked out well. The treatment given was two different antibiotics and if not better by Sunday I am to go to the ER. 

I return a little over an hour later with lunch for us all. Zack is half asleep, but the minute I walk in with food he perks up. Mom is probably starving at this point, but doesn't let on. I was able to get my prescriptions filled downstairs at the clinic. The pharmacist sees me and remembers that Zack is my son. I have only had his prescription filled there once, that is the kind of personal attention they offer. Zack continually was having his blood pressure and temperature monitored. He was running a low grade fever (100 degrees for him means hospitalization), so Melanie was getting concerned, then she realized that Zack was sitting in the recliner with the massager AND heater on. Once he turned off the heater his temperature was normal.  We all had lunch together and once finished Zack feel sound asleep. I laid my head on Mom's lap and fell fast asleep as well. An hour or so later, Melanie comes in to tell Mom and I that there is an empty room next door so Mom can sit in the recliner and me on the couch. It will be about an hour and a half more. So, she and I moved into the next room and within a few minutes I was snoring so loud the nurses heard me outside in the hall. Once the treatment was completed we were given the okay to leave with the next appointment on Monday for an Echo Cardiogram to be followed with more lab work. Once we have the results of the labs, we will know if his next treatment starts on Tuesday.

Zack is, of course, anxious about getting back home to work on his car. Realizing it will be too late for him to work on his car by the time we get home, we decided to grab a bite to eat at Frankie Bones on the way. I'm still in a good amount of pain, but am hungry as are Zack and Mom. We walk in and not being 100% "there" a lady walks up to Zack and asks him to please remove his cap. Zack doesn't go anywhere without it on. Mom had asked him earlier in the day if he misses his hair, he tells her "not as long as I have this!" and points to his hat. I'm confused, normally I would have walked out with them in tow, but not feeling well, it took me awhile to realize what just happened. He removes his hat and are shown to a booth. All of a sudden his mood changes, I ask him if he's okay, he points to his head. I apologize to him and tell him he looks handsome with or without it. We finish our meal and upon exiting Mom stops to talk to the hostess. She tells her about Zack and how humiliating it was for him to have to remove his cap, how what they are asking does effect certain people without their knowledge. At eighty and pretty much deaf (she doesn't want to converse much with anyone because she can't hear) she kicked butt! She was standing up for her grandson and stood in when I couldn't. The day may not have been "fun", but I'm so glad she was along "for the ride". She is so much more valuable than she will ever realize. 

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